The Self-Proclaimed Sociopath

There is a listing on many different websites and the book "the sociopath next door" - an excerpt from the book. That claims very adamantly "Sociopaths are unaware that they are different" "sociopaths do not know they are sociopaths, because to them they're behavior is normal"

I can't handle this non-sense. We OBVIOUSLY know we are sociopaths, so I would like to get your reasoning on this false "symptom" or part of the sociopath psyche. It is actually written in quite credible forms of media. But if they also write the true "symptoms". Like how we can mimic any emotion, we pretend to be normal and we are damn good at it, how can they believe that we don't know?


It bothers me to no end. There are listings on yahoo of hundreds of people asking "am I a sociopath" -

In almost every single one of these postings a person responds "no you aren't a sociopath! they don't know they are one!"

What are your thoughts on why this is considered a fact about sociopaths?

Personally I believe it is to prevent from internet diagnosed sociopaths. Like the five year-old who has the common cold, but after 10 minutes on webMD thinks he has cancer.
I call these wannabee sociopaths the "WikipediaSociopaths"

but what do you think? keep in mind I'm sure that 70% of the people on this forum are "WikipediaSociopaths" but still an opinion would be nice.
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I didn't know I was a sociopath, until recently, a psychologist told me. I knew that I was unemotional. I thought that most people were overly emotional and maybe 40% of the population was like me, uncaring for the suffering of others, unknowing of love. I know know that only a few percent of the population thinks like I do. I don't know if sociopaths know or don't know that they are sociopaths, I know I didn't. I know that you are a self described sociopath, but maybe your aren't one? Or maybe you're just more self aware then I am.

Not knowing you are a sociopath(wich really is just a label) and not knowing you are different is not the same thing. We all know. Well maybe when we are children we are not sure.

This always bothered me too. The logic in those books is really warped. And I noticed that it is all in the realm of hypothetical theories. Maybe they really think we don't know. People tend to think that ability to reflect on ones actions comes from having a conscience. Which is another loosely defined hypothetical term.

I agree here. I think most self-diagnosed types have a few psychological quirks that they don't understand and after browsing online for a grand total of forty-five seconds, decide they're a sociopath.
I browse the other groups these type affiliate themselves with and in almost every case it includes some sort of depression or self-harm group, which I have to admit, tickles me. "Is the poor little sociopath sad? Do you wanna cry?" I can't even fathom allowing such pathetic weakness to even enter my reality.

Oh come now, I enjoy there presence, it makes for a fun little challenge.

no idea, but maybe some truly do not know what they are, keep in mind this info is probably before the widespread info era of the internet.