I think the new I get older I like to use my specialness (probably a narcissistic thing) to my advantage. I mean why not? some people are just to dumb not use. I should probably feel bad about that. I just don't. I like that.
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Artful use of language is really under appreciated in today's society. But this blatant disregard for basic grammar and spelling is really pushing it. Further more, this tells me you have put no thought into the post. You are very special, just not in the way you think.

thanks sweetie, the thing is, I really do not give a ****.

I'm really rather thankful that you would take the time to type out that grammatically correct sentence just for me. it helped me so much.

Hehehe, I just saw a chance to scratch at your skin a little and I took it. Really just couldn't help myself. I am just being playful. I broke my favorite toy recently, so I am scratching random people. I didn't think I could get anything out of you, but here we are. Well if you want to scratch back, I'll be around ;)

great (: I love a good confrontation.

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