A Sociopaths Perfect Valentines Day

We have all broke up with someone just after a holiday just to get the present but my Best Valentines Day was so much better
I worked with this girl named Patty and she was in "love with this guy named Russ. I could not stand Russ but tolerated him because the 3 of us sometimes went to the bar together. Patty and Russ were in the beginning of thier resationship. I started my plan every step of the way smiling knowing the fun I was going to have. I knew Russ liked me so I began to take advantage of him. He had money . One night I meet him at a different bar and made him think he had a chance with me knowing it was never going to happen. We were dating behind Patty's back and it felt good. I knew how much it was going to hurt her but didn't care. I couldn't wait to see her face. Russ is really trying to please me and I have convinced him ******* with Patty is cool, and what if I was to get Flowers from a secret admirer. He agreed and I got the nicest bouquet of flowers ever. He cam over that night to take me to dinner, bringing Godiva choclates and a teddy from Victorias Secret . I told him I wanted to go to a special Resturant for Dinner. When we came home from Dinner, I got a Call from another Guy and told Russ he was upset and needed to come over tonight. I told Russ he would be uncomfortable with him there and we will make this up tomorrow. The other friend came over and we ******.
The next night I told Patty not to go to the BAr because I'm meeting my new guy there. I knew she would go and I was counting on it. I told her we were meeting at the bar at 2 Insure she would be there before me. Russ came over that evening and again he had to take me to an expensive Dinner after all we were doing the night over. After dinner I rold him it was to early to go home and lets go to the bars. It was fantattic seeing her face when I walked in with Him. The tears the shaking the crys of I thought you were my friend. The best part Knowing we both had to go to work tomorrow. It stills make me smile to think about it
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5 Responses Mar 28, 2013

I would have at least gave Patty the Teddy Bear...like here ya go *****! Happy Valentine's Day! LMFAO!

Not a teddy bear, just a teddy. Why would I give her anything besides I wore it for the guy I ******.


Delicious. And free dinner too?

Life: you're winning the game.

As I look back on it , it doesn't even make the top ten I ****** with people for the fun of it or just because I could. They just made it so easy.

I haven't done that in a while, I am being all whistful now... Hmmm, :), well this brightened up my day, and I thought it was going to be somewhat boring.

If your being sarcastic as is my nture then Okay, life goes on.. I not then The best parts of the whole thing was that he was so under my thumb that me calling him "yuppie wanna be cool" was a cute pet name

Yes. This is exactly what I was talking about. ******* brilliant.
made me smile.