No One Cares

You were hurt by your ex and now you want to share and find out "why". You believe they are a psychopath or sociopath - they must be to have played you like that!!! So you come here looking for answers.

Just to clear things up...

Yes, you really are stupid, ugly, worthless, disgusting, unworthy, or whatever else they said.
No, they aren't cheating on you. The phone calls and texts be damned, look into their eyes and see their fidelity.
All the threats of violence really are all your fault - why _did_ you make them hurt you?
and YES, something must be wrong with you that you keep attracting the "wrong" kind of people.

If you want emotional wine to drown your sorrows in, check these groups:
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But please don't be offended.
You mean so much to all of us here.
You are the light in our darkness and make things calm in our soul.
You bring me the only peace I've ever felt, baby.
Come here, come on, you know I didn't want to hurt you. You just, you just don't listen sometimes and you know how I am.
That's right, it just happens sometimes but I forgive you. That's right, stop crying. Lay right here.
Shhh, its alright now. That's it.

Now get your lazy *** moving, *****; we don't have all day and now you ****** up my shirt crying all over it! Jesus!
PaleFox PaleFox
46-50, M
6 Responses Jul 4, 2013

Nicely written. The only people who would feel sympathy, for a person whom takes their problems out on strangers, would have to be just as pathetic.

Woohoo...i needed a laugh like that to take my pitiful a $$ to sleep! Three weeks after the break up and I still spend my days (albeit less days) getting my ex-sociopath to spin in circles and chase his tail. Some good belly aching laughs does wonders for a broken heart now if only he wouldn't threaten to destroy my life or kill me then we would have more fun or wait is that the fun part LOL Checkmate my love, you will always be the sociopath who lost to the pretty little girl with the huge heart who can play the game of "love"but just a little bit better than you can..hahaha!

Hahahaha! That's funny. Not very nice but that's point I guess. Still funny though.

I appreciate your enjoyment.

This is fantastic

I laughed so hard I almost choked on my vodka.
This is a work of art.