The Female Sociopath and SEX! How I use my Beauty and Body to get what I want! Xoxo... :)

Throughout History there have been stories told for thousands if not millions of years about Femfatles, and Hellish Succubus creatures and other female Demons. Woman of myth and legend who are said to have been Goddesses on earth as if sent from the Heavens above, and said to have been so seductive and beautiful yet equally just as evil and so very bad. Preying on men and Society and using their looks and charm to get what they desired. This type of portrait that has been vastly painted over the centuries of the Sociopathic/ Psychopathic woman is actually more common than you would actually think or realise. Women such as Cleopatra the legendary Queen of Ancient Egyptians fits perfectly into this image for example: She was said to be independent, beautiful, brave and a damn good ruler who went out with a bang, taking her own life and turning to Suicide before swallowing her pride and losing her Kingdom. Yet it is rumored that she killed and murdered her very own brother in the Nile because she wanted to be the one in charge, she wanted all the power. This has not been proven true or false. But it's pretty obvious really. I mean, don't you find it rather funny that her brother mysteriously died and also just happened to be next in line to become King? Cleopatra probably did this to have access to the Royal Throne and steal the title of Ruler of course.
Or the Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory who took to bathing in the blood of Virgin girls, as she believed it kept her forever young. She road a horse drawn Carriage and kidnapped hundreds of girls all over the lands (mainly peasants) and took them back to her Castle grounds. There she would torture them in Dungeons and in the most horrific of ways before eventually killing them for their blood. Like something out of the movie Hostile. She did all of this without ever getting caught for over twenty years or so. Or the Mermaids of the Oceans and Sirens of the seven sea's in Greek mythology who's singing voices were said to have been so lovely to hear that Sailors and Pirates would become entranced and hypnotized and crash their ships into the rocks and drown. Or Medusa, with venomous snakes for hair...and with one brief glance into her eyes you were cold hard stone. Woman such as this have even been brought into main stream culture in mordern society, such as films like 'Jennifer's Body' starring Megan Fox. Or even in TV shows like ABC's 'Pretty Little Liars'.

You get my overall point, and even children's Fairytales have had these female figures, such as in 'Snow White and the seven Dwarfs.' The story is basically about how far one Sociopathic Queen will go to mantain her title as the fairest of them all, and just how evil she is willing to be in the process! Sociopath woman rather fictional or Historical have been around for a long time, just as much as the males.

And even though it is damn near 2014....and we are supposed to be so "modernized" and open minded these days, with accepting Gay rights and men turning into woman and having sex changes and what not. It seems that in our Society that men are STILL allowed to get away with being so much more promiscuous with multiple partners and engage in much more vulgar acts and sexual behavior than us woman.

And get away with it. Which ****** me OFF to be frank. And after the man has participated in being a "Man *****"...he can even look like the "Cool guy", "the Player", the "Pimp Daddy Mac" Receiving high fives and thumbs up from his "Homies". This is both a blessing and a curse for us female Sociopaths.

When a woman has the same sexual appetite as a man...she's automatically known as a **** and looked down upon...retired Adult film Actress Sasha Grey anyone? Nuff said.

When a woman wants to get it on with a man with no commitment or strings attached anyone with a brain knows she is considered trashy or lower in class. And not girlfriend or wifey material...this is unfair but indeed true.

With most female Sociopaths I know...or have known. We are ladies on the streets but freak in the sheets. And have a stronger drive and hunger for sex more deeper than a regular woman who is Empathetic. I don't know if lacking a Conscience is what causes us to be more sexually active than the normal female Empath. Or if because of our aggressive motives, hunger for dominance, manipulation, control and overall power over our partners is what leads to us just not giving a **** about how many people we have to sleep with to get to the top or accomplish a goal!

Life is too short to not use what my mamma gave me, which is good looks, a wet mouth and two holes! :)

And if ya ask me...? Life is too short to be playing "Miss goodie two shoes!"

We Sociopathic girls can quickly switch it around and make our men submit to us completely...while still looking like the submissive one on the outside.

If you look at it like that, us female Sociopaths have had it relatively easy. We are more protected by society due to the traditions and old fashioned values and what is expected from men and women in a healthy and average relationship or marriage.

Imagine that for a Sociopathic woman, all her source of supply and all she really needs is a roof over her head, and money.

It is relatively easy to win that from a Empathetic man as a female Sociopath. Nobody would bat an eyelid at it. Or question anything. After all, she is doing what keeps a man happy. Offering him sex, using him for his money and connections. Getting free food and free accommodation. She is set up quite well and has herself a free "meal ticket". Like a "golden ticket" her free access inside Willy Wonka's factory.

Now reverse this situation...

The Sociopath man moves in with an Empath woman, fakes his credentials, and ultimately the woman who is naive ends up paying for the man because he has successfully convinced the poor thing that he loves her. So she is the means of his support. This role of the male and female lovers is more looked down upon by society with what the female counterpart is doing because the vast majority would say It should be the otherway around.

What do we female Sociopaths do and how do we use this to our full advantage ...?

All Sociopaths in general have a high sex drive – so us females will use sex as a Tool to lure the man in, We will play victim to our pasts. Maybe even lie about being sexually abused or molested as children or make up stories to get the male to feel sorry for us. NO SHAME!

We will be looking for a rescuer (to pay for us...we will play the classic act of being the "Damsel in distress")
We will offer our lives in return and a loyal and amazing future to our male counterpart ect.

The funny and slightly sad truth is, both parties can't both be happy in the long run when it comes to dating a Sociopath in general. A man sees it as his role to provide for his partner, or at least many have been brain trained historically that this is the right thing to do. The gaslighting, can just be viewed as ‘female manipulation’. Men are grateful to have a woman that constantly demands sex and NEVER says no. Especially if it's raunchy and hardcore....

And the male counterpart feels that he has a ‘Trophy  wife’ on his arm. After all us Sociopaths are charismatic, and we can pretend to get along with everyone, we will make sure to get on all of our partners friends and family's good side. And be seen as popular and well liked. When it comes to us girls and in a relationship: everyone else wants her….. and men love to have something which is seen as ‘special’, something that other people want but can't have.

So, where does it all go wrong, with the female counterpart when she is a Sociopath and why is not reported as much?

It goes wrong when the female Sociopath has got what she has been after or runs off with someone else after she has milked her partner dry. This could take a matter of months, or even years....or decade's. I know Sociopaths who have been with their victim twenty-five years or more and are still playing the game and have their partner still fooled---scary, I know! :)

Now back on topic, after the female Sociopaths victim has ran out of source supply, her true colors will began to show, or for example once she has had a child by this man. Which is the WORST ******* thing that could ever possibly happen to a man when involved or dealing with a female Sociopath!

This is a never ending living Nightmare for the man. Because she has now trapped him forever. And will use the child as a mere Tool to manipulate and control her male victim till his dying day...and he will never fully get rid of the female Sociopath. He is now tied to her for eternity.

If she has accomplished the goal of marrying this man?

...she probably will go on to her next "things to do" on her check list, and after she has most likely filed for a divorce...she will finally kick the man out of his very own home. All while keeping the house, cars, the children and everything that goes along with it! And if she is really smart and if she has done her homework well, she will also take legal action and get maintenance payments from the man as well. Behind closed doors our regular tantrums will involve swearing, shouting, intimidation and threatens. We will wear our man down until, for a quieter life, he agree with us. Interestingly, what the Female Sociopath will threatens to inflict on others is what she would find most damaging and hurtful to herself. Equally interestingly, she feels criticism and humiliation intensely, even if none is intended or given, and she will fight ferociously to defend what she sees as an attack, whether or not there is one. Sometimes we will create a threat in our mind merely to defend and excuse what we know to be our own dreadful behavior.

But nobody objects to this, after all this is what the man is supposed to do. It's his responsibility. And if he avoids these responsibilities...he will be seen as just another Deadbeat.

This is the main difference between male and female Sociopaths. Society is what makes it different. Expectations within society of the male and female role. Of seeing the male as the provider, and the woman as a nurturer, after all, we know that Sociopaths can be very charismatic, conning, clever and down right cold blooded. Yet we can play the role of  ’nurturer’ and ‘carer’ very well indeed.

Now the male will feel that he has nowhere to turn to, nobody to talk to about this. And no one who is on his side. Nonetheless be able to convince his friends and family how evil his ex lover truly is. After all...he has been played by a con Artist, and financially it has cost him a lot. And his "perfect woman" is now long gone, off doing her own thing without having any concern or sympathy for the pain she has thrusted upon another human being.

Society encourages this. Sad but true.

And if the male, who is upset and hurt trys to seek his revenge or get even... the female sociopath will use this against the male and play victim, he is the unstable "Bitter Ex" who won't stop stalking her. And he should get over it and move on.

It is more shocking when a woman has been conned by a male sociopath, as society sees it as unnatural. Afterall the man should be paying for the woman, treating her as a Royal Princess. So in all honesty, Sociopathic woman can hide better in Society. (Just my opinion)

The female Sociopath relies heavily on Beauty and sex as a seduction, and offering the Trophy wife status to the male Target. The female Sociopath will portray a false illusion and we can mold ourselves into your Dream girl. Which most males who are visual Creatures... and wanting to impress, buy! :)

And that my folks is how it's done. Hey, blame Society...NOT me!

P.S. Yes, I know Beauty and looks do not last forever. On the outside, I am Independent and have my own job, my own car that's paid for. And my own means of support and financial stability, and income. I do not need any man, I just play with them for fun when I am bored. Xoxoxo!
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Considering your username and the claim that you're a sociopath, I wonder if you like punishing males, especially ones who have molested girls or adult women.
I think most of us males should get it.
Would you take pleasure at giving a male what he deserved?

Yes. I do enjoy the rush to humiliate a man. Especially if he thinks he is tough and hotshit! Make them bark like a dog and eat cat **** at gunpoint.

I am particularly interested in women terminating males for sexual offenses.
Do you like the idea of hanging a male for molesting or offenses against females of any age?

Wow, you are my ex wife! Only thing is, she got nothing when she left me. Come to think of it, she didn't get anything of any lasting value while we were together. I guess that goes without saying since sociopaths are incapable of love. Adios!

This makes me smirk....

please tell me more. I think I am married to a sociopath from Japan. . I married her and we use my money and I am going through immigration with her. she has a daughter in japan , she never calls her. she will call her friends , thats all. I have spent over 100,000.00 on her and she is ruthless. I love her but realize this is killing me.. She goes through my house and takes things when I am at work, she had my rosery beads on from when I was a child and said she bought them, but the empty box for them was still in a drwer I kept them in, Any gold I had has long disapeared. She does not like it if I talk to my children/ What do you suggest, because if I say anything she goes through the roof with anger

Lol. You spent how much on that woman? Ooooooooh, she got you good! Lmfao.

Listen to Porcelain and me on this one. You have got a pure bred sociopath on your hands. goodluck :)

Toaster in her bathtub sounds pretty good...but you had better have an airtight alibi...curling iron might not draw enough current!

Hehehehehe.....I got a good chuckle or two out of that one! :)

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I truly enjoy reading your material. It gives a faint smirk across my lips each time. As a male I have experienced the "high five" and subsequent praise for things done. However I am never satisfied. I have attempted once to try the normal life everyone seems to be so defensive of. Yet my true nature comes through each time. I prefer to have no strings flings yet my manipulative side wants to play at times as well, and who am I to go against my own nature? I'm happy with who I am. Sadly for those I find interest in, they get attached to the "charming", intelligent, "caring" persona I display when in the mood for a challenge. As an advocate for the human animal, I judge neither man nor woman on sexual appetite. I have a current plaything that was supposed to be a one time excursion. Yet, she thinks in her own mind we are on some sort of intellectual level ground. She has bragged to me of how she is manipulative and gets all the guys to do everything for her. Yet when it comes to me, I'm perplexing to her. An outright enigma. She is not happy that she can not control me or manipulate me. And can't understand why I have the effect of taking control from her. I laugh to myself every time she refers to herself and me being equal. It is really just something that has my attention for the moment. But already looking for new fun play toys. PF, I applaud the furious nature you have. Live life and live it well! The world is full of wonderful toys! :)

One of the best written and well informed stories I have read on here. It is all true of course (except Elisabeth Bathroy did get caught in the end, minor detail). I'm not going to comment on my own experiences or views here, safe to say I know all about this game and play it by MY for me :)

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it sir.

And Bathory was a sadistic spoiled brat. Fascinating to the less objectionable type of Twilight fans, but neither clever nor impressive. Cleopatra is a good one though. I worte a paper defending her abandonment of Marc Antony's navy.

I agree, Bathory was Batshit insane with too much time on her hands. She got what she deserved in the end because she was too confident and self-indulgent. I saw a movie about her, a few actually. In each version, they try to make her character come off as a "helpless romantic who was just misunderstood." Hahaha yea right!

She was just a sadistic spoiled brat with lots of issues IMO. And Dracula hated Muslims like Karl Rove.

Also, "Species". That's still a thing.

Yea. I saw that piece of **** movie "Stay Alive", where Bathory comes after you in real life if you die in the Video game. I left the theater mad! Wanted my money back...

Never heard of it. But I enjoy terrible horror movies. So I'll check it out!

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Is she a sociopath??

I met this woman online in February 2013 and during the first month I didn’t ****** her up and ask her to be in a relationship with me like I should have. She appeared to have liked me more than I did her during that time but she didn’t pursue me either. We spent some weekends together but never actually became an exclusive couple. We eventually went our separate ways and dated others. In May 2013 I came back into her life and we started going out. Unfortunately she had been seeing a guy for two months but she said she loved me, had always loved me and would break it up with this guy. Eventually, she asked for her house key back from him and told him she wanted to see other people. However she did not tell him specially that the reason for the breakup was me. She had always said that she had never left one man for another man and she didn’t want to start now. However, she never actually stopped seeing this other guy and she continued to see me as well.

Over the next 3 months, she and I traveled extensively taking trips out of state, hotels, bed and breakfasts, DC on the 4th of July, Atlantic City...etc. and having the best times. She was honest with me about still seeing him and she would tell me when she would see him…which I hated but I accepted. She was with me much more than she was with him but it still bothered me that she wouldn’t commit to me. She always lied to him when she was with me…..and as hurtful as it is to admit…she would always post our trips on her Facebook page but I was never tagged or even shown in photos. Her photos consisted of things such as the hotel we were at, sunsets on the beach, the restaurants we went to…several shows…but never once was I shown on FB with her. I have many photos of us together on these vacations but out of respect I didn’t post them on my FB page either. I let her control the situation. I know I’m such a fool but she said she was just trying to spare his feelings. I accepted it because I was hoping that I would eventually be with her forever. She said she was very confused and often questioned why I didn’t grab her back in February when I had the chance. She was scared that maybe if she left this guy and then I decided I didn’t want to be with her anymore she would have lost both of us. I wish I could go back in time and grab her for myself but obviously I can’t. However since coming back into her life in May I treated this girl like a princess. . Trust me on this and she knows it too. I began loving this woman everyday more and more. She told me every day she said she loved me as well. She said she loved this other guy too but her love for me was different – with me she had such passion. She was IN love with me versus just loving the other guy. She said if the other guy left or dated someone else it wouldn’t be a huge deal…but if I were to leave or date someone else it would destroy her. She made me feel so special…and she was so much fun…and I found her beautiful. I noticed though that although she always said I Love You...there were noa actions that accompanied it.

Anyway, this love triangle went on for months…it took its toll on me…I lost close to 40 lbs. in less than 3 months from the stress.

So…about 3 weeks ago I take her out to eat…we have drinks…we’re having a great time. We go back to her place and it’s around 1AM…still having a great time. We’re having some wine, eating some food…barely dressed…it’s literally the best time of my life to be honest…and then there’s a bang on the door and it’s him. He yelled inside that he knew I was there because my car was out front. I knew she wouldn’t just allow him to stand outside and bang on the door so I opened the door…and to make a long story short…she asked me to leave and he stayed…and I never saw her again. I’m disgusted. I’m completely heartsick. I am so heartbroken. I know she used me…but I’m devastated. I loved this girl so much. I’m like a walking zombie. My life feels like it has no meaning now. She actually blamed me for opening the door that evening and said she couldn’t forgive me for doing that. After all of this though…I still want her. I need to get over her and also resist the urge to call her. I don’t know who’s sicker…her or me??? Can someone please tell me when this pain will subside? I used to be this healthy person but now I’m on sleep medication, anxiety medication and something else prescribed to calm my nerves. I’m a freaking mess. My heart is in a million pieces.
He has changed his FB photo to show them as a couple but she has unfriended on FB me because she said it’s to protect my feelings so I don’t have to look at them. She still calls me or texts sometimes just to say hi and string me along I suppose. And of course, she says she still loves me.

Couple of facts:

Based on her upbringing she has detachment issues. Instead of dealing with issues head on, she has always dealt with negativity by putting on a happy face and going out with friends. (She has admitted this to me multiple times) Basically she doesn’t really feel the emotional pain that most people feel. When I told her how devastated I was and told her that she had “No idea” of the pain that she has caused me…and she wished she knew how I felt.

When she went out with him while dating me she would tag him in Facebook and show them together which made me feel awful to know she would do that with him but not me. She claimed it was because people assumed they were still dating. He played it cool and allowed her space…I didn’t. I bugged her constantly about leaving him and when she and I could be together. I probably chased her away with my nagging.

She’s a very successful executive in a large company and loves the thought of being in control. She is a pathological liar…charming…all her friends (drinking partners) LOVE her…she’s deceptive…high sex drive…everything that’s been mentioned of what a sociopath is. She has absolutely no remorse, no guilt conscience or anything that a normal human being would / should have. She has never apologized for anything including kicking me out that evening. She just said she didn't want a confrontation.

I really think she's a sociopath...but although I have so many questions that she never seems to answer...two questions stand out more than any.
1) I think I was the transitional victim…the one that she just wanted to play with and hurt and destroy emotionally versus taking everything from me. You think she didn't include me on Facebook because she knew she was just going to dump me and be with this other guy so she was looking to destroy me for fun?? I think she’s going to totally destroy the guy she’s with now. I'm talking marriage, house kids...etc. Also with blocking me from Facebook and other social media, it’s like she protecting me from being hurt anymore. That's not the traits of a sociopath. Any thoughts??

2) I saw here once since...and I read her what I wrote above...and gave her a hard copy. She grabbed it and wouldn't give it back. Just yesterday when she called me she tells me she saved it in her wallet and takes it everywhere she goes. Why would she do that? This is a humiliating experience for me.... she says it make her feel closer to me. It seems that she's holding onto it like a trophy. Heck I've written her love letters that she doesn't carry with her. Is she impressed with her "work"??

If she will Dump another guy for you....what makes you think you are so special. Look dude, I can't say if she's a Sociopath. ...but I'll tell you this, the girl is a ***** and her game is weak. Drop her and move on to a girl who will appreciate you and treat you like a king! Period.

She used you. Don't be an Idiot. I know you empaths follow your hearts, but for once do the SMART thing and follow your gut.

Follow your left brain!

I don't think she's a sociopath because she dumped you for another guy. You just got played. Happens all the time.

Even to the best of us. I had a guy do this to me once...slashed his tires.

I've been lucky with this. But I've been betrayed or treated shabbily in other ways.

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hmmmmm...kind of scary.

I had a sociopath girlfriend once. In her mind she could get any guy to do whatever she wants for her. I eventually got sick of the insanity (she attacked me when i told her that i thought john kerry was a scummy politician and dropped my tv on my head while i was sleeping. Hit me at the right angle to where it didn't hurt). She then tried to have me arrested by saying i hit her. Apparently that was a trend.

I saw the signs but let them go for quite some time. It seemed that this one got off on stirring up drama. Had no friends. I picked up that everyone she knew didn't trust her. I saw her a while ago and she was driving a beat down car and looked miserable. I'm assuming no stability still age 32. I'd suggest trying to not act out on urges to stir up trouble. One day you are going to be older and no bridges will be left to burn. Guys aren't going to be conned by some 55 year old woman to fall into some silly trap for sex and you will be alone.

Lol. I laughed at the TV part. Ima have to try that one day....

I bet. And your life will continue to be great!


Beauty does not last forever, Duh. I have my own means of income and I have my own job and my own car...and money in the bank, I use men for fun. I DO NOT need them.

Narcissist more likely.

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