What Am I?

I am a Sociopath I am not sure. I find my self at funerals and pretending to care when in fact i find it a waste of time. I started wandering if i am not just emotionly stable but emotionaly capable when a very close cousin of mine had an accident. Every one around me was crying but i just didnot find anything greatly upsetting. I forced my self to say some emotionaly charge phrases so people don not think i was a jerk. Out of this experince i deduce that i am not a Textbook socialpath since i do care what people think of me and i know that if anything would happen to my brother or my mother i would be very emotional.. But anyone else I just would not give a damn... What am i?.. I Dont know and dont care.. I think Im perfect the way i am..(was that a hint of Narcsistism)LOL

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3 Responses Feb 26, 2009

First off, you either are or you aren't a sociopath, there is no worrying in that fact. Yes or no, the answer really doesn't matter for it will never affect your life, unless your an idiot and tell the world u are a sociopath - that may pose a few problems, but a sociopath wouldn't really care about that either. <br />
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I too have gone to funerals, and sat alone without emotion - bored senseless wondering when I could go home. I don't really see the point of such a tradition. You get dressed up to say some stupid prayers and cry for somebody who finally met his/her destiny. Personally, I think we should celebrate a death, get fuct up and ponder which of our relatives will be next, or will leave us the greater settlements. (Off topic) Anyways, if you're not going to feel anything, then enjoy the cake and everybody else's misery. Afterall, death is entertaining.

dude, you ain't a sociopath just cuz you don't cry at funerals..now, if you are the reason the funeral happened in the FIRST place, you might be tettering on the edge...lol!

Sounds familiar, I too care what other people think of me. Actually, I'm extremely image conscious and very careful that people think about me what I want them to think about me.<br />
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You say you'd be upset if your mother or brother died, but would that be because of their death or because of how that death would impact you? I ask because there are a couple of people whose death would upset me, but only because of what I would lose. Like their companionship, or their support, or perhaps if it was a long term partner, a bit of my sense of identity.