"Enjoys people but also time to himself, not afraid to boldly state his opinion, embraces intellectual thought and conversation, rules were made to be broken, adventurous, avid learner, passionate but also cleverly reserved , enjoys the simple things, not afraid to be himself, weirdly intelligent, CURIOUS, artistic appreciation, mild temperament"

This is how someone I'm currently involved with described me. Yes it is a somewhat accurate representation of my default personality. Although I have no idea what I can even begin to be passionate about. It just proved me what idealizations people come up with based on traits they admire and/or see in themselves.

I have created a default set of interactions that cut down on effort spent interacting. Its a set of checks or tests to distill entertaining people from dullards and Ive found it to be quite effective.
TheKidDownTheStreet TheKidDownTheStreet
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I thought I was reading my résumé...which happens to be full of conceited ****....
Humor aside that's an interesting social operation dude. It seems you take advantage of first impressions, doing little, but doing so much by your "charming" demeanor.

Yes exactly that, for example when I graduated high school a lot of my class went to a beach resort to be intoxicated for a few days straight. During said trip a lot of intoxicated people commeneted on how I was "a good guy" and other glamorous comments. It made me quite content with my efforts.