I am a reaper with a web. I realized I can't capture all that deserves to be hunted but I can lay a trap for those who don't watch where they are going. I am a peaceful man resting in his web and will kill anything that messes up my tranquility.

I can't and won't sacrifice my sanity it is the small feeble line that separates man from beast.
JonathanCTVirgo JonathanCTVirgo
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1 Response Aug 16, 2014

The way a spider kills is more of my default setting, but a trap won't always work.
So then, I dismember my trap, and shoot a silky spear to my next victim. An aggressive pursuit is much more entertaining.
Is it not?

It is but it is also more noticeable and an approach that can be easily felt...even by norms and socio/psychos. I prefer fate to do the trick. Fate is a trap that no once can escape. My senses are the instincts that lets me know who to let go and who to keep.

"Fate is a trap that no *one can escape"
That line is amazing. It really is.
I've fed insects to spiders before. They struggle and kick, but the silk entraps them more. Fate can't be fought. It must be accepted or manipulated, but only through patience and skill.
I love your mind....you're enthralling.

thank you. My mind is an interesting place to be