I have never been clinically diagnosed as a 'sociopath' but as the days go on, I can see more and more traits that are very similar to one. I admire sociopaths too; their intellect, their ability to be one step ahead, their ability to manipulate anybody to get what they want. I admire these qualities because they are the ones I value most in myself.
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You are what you are. Don't worry bout it x

Are you sure you're not simply a high achiever and machiavellian? Do you ever feel sorry for people? My son says he doesn't. x

No. I don't experience empathy. I can fake it. I can fake a lot of emotions that I know I am "supposed" to feel.

How about love for a partner? I've been reading a book about a disastrous love affair between an empath and sociopath but I get the feeling that he actually loved her in a way.

I do love, to an extent. I have once. But I destroyed that person... I try to steer clear of people because I just hurt them emotionally.

It's more like you feel empathy, but you don't care. You can put yourself in someone's shoes and say "hey now, I would hate for that to be me" but when you aren't that person, it just doesn't matter

I know what you mean.

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