Digging deeper into one of my sexual encounters It was with a man much older than me at the time somewhere around his late 30's. I was 16 years of age and he was one of the managers at the company we worked for. I observed him for months doing his job and he seemed particularly interesting to me mainly because he was quiet and professional. I began finding ways to try to talk to him or grab his attention at work and we soon became friends. As I got to know him on a more personal level I soon realized he was single, lived alone and had poor self esteem. He began to grow very attached to me, constant texting or phone calls, wanting to meet up again. He was getting to needy and emotional and it was sickening to me. Did I tell him to stop? no. I had no doubt this man was a virgin and assumed he grew up a somewhat sheltered life. I was over at his house one night and he put on a movie while cooking dinner. I wasn't watching the movie My eyes were completely fixated on him in the kitchen. I began touching myself while keeping my eyes focused on him. After he stuck the meal in the oven I ******** completely naked in his living room. He entered the room and was caught off guard by my nakedness. He stood there for awhile like he wasn't sure of what to do. I found that even more arousing. I asked him if he could take me to his bedroom and we soon were on his bed. He was very shy at first but I loved showing him where to touch me. The sex only lasted about 7 or 8 minutes and he was done. I immediately got off him and rolled over. He inched closer to me and tried to kiss me but I snapped and told him to back off of me. He laid there confused while I got up to walk out. He followed me back into the living room where I was already putting my clothes back on. He was rambling on about how amazing it was and how he thinks he's in love with me, and as soon as I was dressed I looked him straight in the eye and told him to forget about this. "Don't text me or call me again do you understand? You do not want to **** with me" A few weeks later I noticed he had quit his job and I never heard from him again.
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I do this, a lot!
I view people as sexual objects. I used to feel shame or disgust, probably since it was gay sex, but now I love the influence I have on men. I bottomed now I love being the ****** and dominating them.
Women too. I will seduce them and show off. I love it when they get so modest and uneasy. I think it's funny and cute.
I **** way too many strangers. I can't deal with a relationship, but I get depressed when I see others in one.
Is this like you as well?