Does anyone else have blood lust? I know that it's not a solid trait in sociopaths, in fact it's quite uncommon, but I do have desire to cause physical harm. If anyone else has it what do you recommend doing in order to conceal it?
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Ash, I know I am nothing close to a psychopath, however I do have some of the urges you described having in one of your posts; the one talking about your three rules to fighting, and I haven't harmed animals since I was in elementary school. I wrestled for awhile in high school and did some BJJ. They both seemed to be extremely helpful with concealing my aggression. The only barrier I have with that right now is the financial side of it. The money I'm making is currently going towards my education. It's becoming a real burden though, I really don't want to go out looking for fights again bc my last public right ended with 6 guys assaulting me after I knocked out their friend. I may have verbally provoked him but he pushed me, threw his beer in my face, then punched me before I dropped him. I just need to find something that will channel all this energy in an acceptable way.

That's why I refuse to fight. It takes some level of wit to know your risks.
I do so rarely, but I get intense.
Btw what's BJJ?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. If I fight I try to be smart about it, but I can get pretty violent. I like to hit in places like the ribs, solar plexus, kidneys, and liver. I don't typically go for head shots bc I know body shots are far more painful. When I fight I want to humiliate that when I punch them in those places I listed it inflicts such agonizing pain that the victim is almost begging for it to end. Body shots are much more satisfying for me.

That's the proper way to cause pain. I usually intimidate the other person. So your humiliation gimmick, I relate to. Usually, most will back down. That saves the trouble.
I have always wanted to hurt their genitals. Wonder how painful that would be. Full force to such an intimate area: agonizing.

First... Most sociopaths feel an urge for violence. A blood lust however may be a key sign if psychopathic behavior...

Second. Do not encourage the harming if animals for the sake of blood shed. Again. Psychopathic behavior and a gateway for escalation.

I suggest a contact sport if contest. A 1:1 sport like martial arts if some flavor. Boxing. Fencing too. Not a team activity like soccer or football.

Controlling NOT sating is the objective. If you want to sate and enjoy the blood lust... Seek mental assistance as soon as you can. All states should be able to provide assistance in this matter.

**Most "sociopaths" do NOT feel an urge for violence.

Find a friend willing for a fist fight then move along from there.

It's like a fix to this bloodlust it helps to control it.

No one talks about fight club

It helps rather then ripping your flesh off with your teeth.

To distract your mind from these thoughts. Could be used to cope?

I do, I know about two others who share these feelings as well. Perhaps you should see if harming animals would satiate these urges, at least, to an extent.

😈 I wonder...

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