How about instead of having an ice bucket challenge for the ALS foundation (a non profit organization that actually spends most of the money donated on their heads of staff, further "fundraising", and a minimal amount on actual research) we have an Educate Yourself For The Betterment of Society, and Self; Challenge. Who's in??


Oooooohh that's right this is America, that's not really our thing is it.

Have fun with your fad causes folks!
You're making a huge difference by blindly following those around you!
Never mind the ongoing Israeli Palestinian conflict, the arms race between China and Japan, China threatening nuclear ware fare, ever increasingly militarized and unchecked police forces in the US, Syria bombing their own citizens, the now mandatory "kill chips" in your phones,the fact that the NSA has increased data sweeps instead of repealing the practice as we the citizens were told, the civil war threatening to erupt in Thailand, starving children WORLDWIDE, political upheaval in multiple sovereign states, western economic collapse perpetuated by a corrupt world banking system, wide spread political and corporate interest lobbying, and countless other atrocities happening across the earth.

I bet one or two people read this; if that. Because if it's not a funny vine, and not everyone else around you is doing it than WHO ******* CARES!! Right?? **** yeah ignorance is so ******* cool!!! Woooooooohoooo!! Watch the ******* world burn around me but it doesn't effect me right now so I couldn't give two shiny ***** how hungry those poor little bastards bastards are or how oppressed we as a society have become!!! God damnit being ignorant is BLISS!!! I can't wait to die and leave my generations mess all over my children's feet!!

WAKE THE **** UP!!!

No one can open your eyes for you. You either choose to be ignorant, or educated.
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The world isn't burning, it only seems that way because you feel helpless after reading the news (which garners readership by inculcating terror and fear). On the contrary, it is improving.

Our longevity is increasing, medicine is advancing (cancer or too much food is the number one cause of death in Western society, which means medicine has rid society of primitive ailments like smallpox), technology gives us the world at our fingertips - as much information as we can possibly handle if we choose to access it, human rights are improving, our consciousness of climate and wildlife conservation is improving. Literacy rates, feminism, animal rights, space travel, forced transparency in government/politics, journalistic freedom through social media (we aren't limited to News Corp. now that we can access a plethora of independent sources that can actually tweet from Ukraine), alternative energies, globalization, education.

We have our basic needs taken care of to the extent that we can AFFORD the time to watch a silly clip on youtube.

Alas, the unpleasant things. Apathy, laziness, ignorance, complacency - which seem to be key gripes you cover in your post. Hypocrisy is one I also find irritating.

Look at the span of history, things ARE getting better. Much needs to be done regardless.

You may be intelligent by societys means, zoeb555.

But societys means of intelligence is distorted...

How is the measurement of intelligence distorted, and what is the better alternative?

You are pretty much a computer. You capture and store knownledge, you're probably more or less creative too and that's not how a computer works, right?

You are fundamentaly manipulated by the society that we live in and the reality you've been taught through the schoolsystem, in which you've been raised into. You took the bait.

The idiology of materialism is not what should control your reality.

Intelligence is the size of your perception, or reality. Things like thinking fast, being good in maths, having a good memory, being able to repeat what you've been told and so on is what society consider intelligence.

But societys view of intelligence is only a subgroup of what intelligence really is.

The older you get, and the more you get used to the materialistic reality, the harder it is to understand reality for what it is.

You don't have 'experiences' when you're old from throughout your life that matters in the big picture. Thus making the 'experience' of repeating the same thing over and over through producing goods only a small part of reality for what it really is.

That's what I find to be the most logical way that reality can work. Although I'm open for anything unaffected by propaganda anyone may have to offer.

I seek to discover the meaning of reality. You are in a reality, stuck in it.

It is incredibly unoriginal, tempting, and easy, to say "the world sucks, it's changing for the worse, people are mindless consumerist machines acting as pawns in a chess game designed by the oligarchical elite to maintain their shrouded, all-encompassing power."

You think you see something no one else does because you chose to be cynical ? We all read the news, we all see the futility in fad campaigns that are more geared to padding celebrity image than to understanding what ALS is.

There is more to the world than what is presented and exploited by the media. Your perspective is narrow, because it only sees society for its potential propaganda and deception. But media is a modicum of the world. Look at science, technology, literature, journalism, art, evolving human interaction, philosophy, history. Look BEYOND media. Compare your own ancestors to your modern generation. This is what critical thinkers do. They don't subscribe to the "blame game" conspiracy theorist religion on a whim because it comforts their lack of direction.

You think you are qualified to speak about ideology, yet you can't spell the word "ideology" correctly.

If you want to be taken seriously, Ulsberg, draw from hard evidence - not from your own seething hatred, distaste, and contempt that has harnessed itself inside of you since whatever childhood sexual trauma took place.

You want to criticize intelligence? The best way to do that is to BE intelligent, ARTICULATE what the "truth" is. You want to reject theories and data? First you should be informed of what they are, what they mean. Be better than what you are contemptuous of, otherwise you look foolish.

What other people think is irrelevant. You know, maybe there is a reason that it's tempting? The fact that a whole lot of people think like I do on societys regard and my own awareness of it, proves the fact that I don't think I am the only one with this view on society.

Chose to be cynical? I did not choose to be cynical.

Celebrity image? Corporate image, political image etc.

Lack of direction? I may lack a lot, but direction is not it.

'You think you are qualified to speak about ideology, yet you can't spell the word "ideology" correctly.', and you blame me for being 'unoriginal'?
Should 'originality' be one of the qualifications for considering the likelyness of a view on society being 'correct'..?

The whole point of my reply was to not draw from 'hard evidence'.
If you draw from hard evidence there is only one answer to the equation, and that is the one you have.

''not from your own seething hatred, distaste, and contempt that has harnessed itself inside of you since whatever childhood sexual trauma took place.'' You keep surprising me zoeb555... Wait.. Nope. This is what you accused me for in a previous argument; ''You've completely strayed from the argument.''

Just because I am a filthy psychopathic necrophiliac who sexually abuses five year old girls, that has very little human empathy, but still lacks no pride, doesn't mean that I am wrong. I could be wrong, just as YOU could be wrong.

Your argumentation is coming from 'your own seething hatred, distaste, and contempt that has harnessed itself inside of you', not mine.

Anyways, you're a grown up arguing with a 17 year old on the internet about nothing of any relevance to your ignorant mind.

Waning interest.

Well, this conversation was expectedly a joke in any case. Would've been nice to get a reply from the author.

I'm indifferent.

As you said, your "whole point" is to refrain from using any minutiae of evidence. Even philosophy, which anyone can participate in, uses evidence. (It takes little effort to use examples - anecdotal at minimum).

Claim: the colour blue exists.
Evidence: the sky

An Ulsberg claim: the opposite of what I say
Evidence: "I don't believe in evidence because intelligence isn't really intelligence and idiology isn't a word I know."

Just a deduction. Pedophiles who actively rape/assault tend to have been molested themselves when they were younger. It can be a cyclical, learned behaviour. They also tend to be rather bitter, distrustful, aggressive, enraged, etc. (rightfully so, I will add).

A guess.

Or you could be a pathological liar who gets his jollies describing perverted tales on the Internet - taking delight in the immunity of his fantasy crime.... getting excitement from the reactions of others. In that case, you would have my pity.

Otherwise, it's kind of stupid to detail rape online, given the lack of privacy we are afforded. For that, only contempt.

But you already know that, I'm sure.

A necrophiliac too? Eclectic. Although not really. It speaks to your preference for the helpless. Dead or a child - otherwise unattainable, I imagine.

Don't misunderstand, I'm not trying to make you "feel bad," because I'm aware of the futility in that. For my own amusement though, did I hit the mark?

Not really.. But you should know about internet anonymity though. Do you think I don't know what I'm doing?

I doubt I've ever been sexually abused, I guess I'd remember if I were..
I always wished I would be though, by a hot milf, yummy! :)

Anyways I **** pretty much all female meat there is, so hit me up girls!

I'm definitely not bitter.

And why do you always play the win when you lose arguments?

I don't know that you do know what you're doing. There's a reason pedophiles are concentrated on the Deep Web, and not flaunting their sexual disorder on public social network sites.

By all means, continue.

For this to be an argument, YOU would need an argument to begin with.

Clearnet = Deep Web

Haha! Yes, it seems you know exactly what you're doing.

Here's to Darwin.

The irony.. :)

You truly do hate me, am I right? :3

I don't know you

I know you

Lucky you

Unlucky you

The 17 year old ********* said in an attempt to sound intimidating.

Don't hurt my feelings. :(

Don't hurt little girls

Empathy is a beautiful thing

So, foster care throughout your childhood - even presently? You're European, so it isn't the American foster system you've been through.

What was/is it like ?

Will both of you shut the **** up already?


The amount of time and energy you two have wasted on a pointless; dead end of a debate is astounding.

Maybe the two of you might fancy doing something productive instead?

If that doesn't jive, just go ahead and shut the **** up anyway.

I'm sorry, am I interrupting your brooding?

The cynic shouldn't be advising what is and isn't productive, in my opinion.

You bore me to no extent. Seriously, you think your smart yet you coast on Ulsberg level debate to prove your intellectual prowess... Yeah I totally give a **** what you have to say.

I never said I was smart.

It doesn't inconvenience me really. I pull out my phone and respond when I get a message - effortless.

If you weren't looking for responses, you probably shouldn't have made a post open to them. Besides which, my initial comment wasn't addressed to Ulsberg, clearly.

Block me if you like. I'm indifferent.

Yet you still won't shut up.

You're a slow learner, aren't you.

Best of luck with all of that harboured resentment against ALS ice bucket challenges.

Lol thanks braaaaah

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