I can't be the only one who is genuinely pissed off when people talk about robin williams and how they're sad, hurt, lost, and depressed. At least 97% of them never met him or really cared until he died. Why do people do this? It's such bullshit. My family says its sad, they say it upsets them. To be honest I don't understand this at all. I definitely unmasked bc I said I really don't care and if anything I find it fascinating that someone like that just kills themselves. This is the side of humanity I'm glad I can't relate to. They're all so weak.
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Why is it weak to feel sad that another person was in pain? I can't understand that? That's just a sign that person's brain chemistry and emotions are normal and healthy.

Bit harsh, but yes, I agree to the extent that I don't know him so I was hardly in floods of tears, so you are right and honest. So kudos for your opinion x

The irony! The beloved comedian couldn't find humor in his illness. He "had" it all. For the common folk, if a celebrity succumbs to suicide, what are their own chances as they struggle with the issues of lower status(poverty, work hours, poor quality of life)?

Personally never experienced that and don't see how that irritation could be. Any sources Pat?

I'm going to go ahead and throw the mental illness card out there, but at least he wasn't crying and bitching that he wished he were dead. No, he just did it, and you know what? It effectively ended whatever was going on in his head that led him to it.
It's not a tragedy, it was him freeing himself of life. He's worm food now. He doesn't give a **** if people mourn him.
I did like a few of his movies, though.

I love your posts x

Thank you for being a reader, I'm glad you enjoy them.

Suicide is seen as resignation. But consider this: if you have contemplated suicide, it's the most grueling decision of your life. It's not easy, and it's despicably liberating. Out survival clashes with it.

If I had his money and bloody talent, I would be larging it in some great place abroad, not slashing my wrists

Exactly! I mean I might just go on a massive drug trip now that my life is over. Or maybe avenge those people that slighted me.
Ruins a reputation, but damn at least make an impression of anything.
He hung himself and apparently it took a lot longer than it should've for him to die.

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My stepmother started crying about it and I almost slapped her.
I can't stand crybabies.

My mom just three days ago broke down. A kid I knew apparently overdosed on pills.
I was irate that she was spilling her feelings on me. She saw my lack of affect and said if I loved her. I stayed quiet and immediately removed myself from her.
She's afraid I'll do the same just because she's seen my scars( I'm a masochist, not a suicidal teen).

I try to stay quiet, but occasionally I end up telling them to shut it or asking them if all the crying in a common area of the house is necessary. Ugh. Go to your room so I don't have to hear you.
I used to cut myself, too. It gave me a bit of a rush for awhile. I also used it as an outlet from my strict upbringing. Yup, I'm a beautiful little Christian, but look at my gorgeous scarred up arms. Bet you didn't see that one coming, mom.

I used to cut myself as a teen. I have no idea why xxx

lol xx

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You react rashly. You shouldn't care

Someone once said that the reason some sociopaths get angry when people cry or express sorrow is bc they are frustrated that they themselves can't express that. So since its practically foreign to me it made since for me to get irritated when someone shows me their "softer" side.

Is it just me or does this have barely anything to do with Robin Williams?

Same here!