I don't think I'm extremely antisocial. Only reason I would ever get violent is when provoked...I'm a laid back type of guy.
I have occasional sadistic streaks. I don't consider them violent because they are almost always emotional manipulation. Simple put downs, provocation, vandalism, and doing things on my terms to instigate subjugation on whoever asked the favor. It's harmless stuff really.
I have many manipulative tactics, but they are natural for me. So many people on this forum bragging about how they manipulate people as if it's a sport. It's ******* phony.
This begs the argument that a deliberate act of manipulation is always inferior to the naturally charming individual that does it obliviously. They don't have to try. It's a primal instinct for them. It's not a reset on their mindset. It's just there.
I don't go out of my way to coerce people. I just do it. It's automatic. My presence alone is enough. I use silence as the best tool. The omission of truth is no lie at at all. If you condemn me for it, how can you attack my decision to not provide evidence. It's a safer method of social interaction. I could easily have forgotten or say I didn't want to hurt you. I put in enough money to make a profit. I lose little if later you are unstable or figure me out. Besides lies can easily destroy any trust or persona one establishes.....
I have a at greater time observing and thinking....
Social interactions are a game of manipulation. People on here make it seem like its a special trait exclusive only to sociopaths! It's a godamned spectrum. This condition is colloquial and derive it's meaning by the connotation of the people. It's not fact, but fiction. Only fact is that you're human, and like appearances, neurally diverse.
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Great insight and very well spoken, I can't help but agree with the perspective on this. I can imagine being true friends with someone like you!

That can always happen and thank you for the kind words.

That's true. Most of what people do is manipulative in some way anyhow. They try to make friends by being nice, even if in a bit of a bad mood. The want what's best for themselves. It's not unusual. I have read people claiming that sociopaths are either aliens or fallen angels :/

We all need affirmation from others to assert our own self-esteem. It's a positively reinforced behavior. We know that by being friendly we will make friends and thus we use certain methods to achieve that. These friends later serve as a supper system as we are after all social creatures. It's all about rewards and punishment.
About the fallen angels or aliens, that sure is funny. I think all people are crazy in some type of way. Don't you?

Absolutely. That's why I wrote a novel - not a ******* amatuer text book about it. I kind of came from different directions about a sociopath and empath relationship which was at times so magical, you couldn't never better it. It was balanced and left open to interpretation, especially because the female had her own issues and was no fallen angel. It was a nightmare relationship however with a fatal ending. So it was hardly wistful. A certain forum took on the book and advertised which cost money. After accepting my contribution/fee, and advertising my book, they decided it was too kind to the sociopath and banned me without explanation. Psychopathic behaviour or what?? - Ah well. It's my story and I survived. Psychopath free are like a bit of a cult and took my fee. If they thought I had made light of a delicate subject they were gravely mistaken. If anyone dares to fart on the wrong direction or disagree with the forum consensus woe betide!! If you forget to pay your gas bill, you are a psychopath.One of Jackson' coherts was sent to Amazon to slate my book. How very machiavellian and psychotic!!!! I desperately despise hypocrisy. xxx