Do you find as a sociopath that you are pansexual or close to it?

I myself am pansexual. I have types I may prefer, but basically I could desire anyone of any shape, race, sex, sexual identity, or age. The reason I am curious is I wonder if it has to do with my lack of deep feelings that it allows for me to not care about who it is I would **** or have service me.
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That's interesting. I've always considered myself to be an asexual and it helps me focus on the things that are really important. Never have I heard of Sociopaths having a common pansexual tendancy.

I don't think there's a link between pansexuality and sociopathy. But what do you get out of EP if you're a sociopath? How much do you care what other people think and feel? A little bit?

idk, but pretty much consider myself both too.

I think it's kind of a 50/50 thing. I myself find strictly women attractive. You might say I have a fetish bc even though I can find many different types of women sexually attractive, my true desire is a Latina with plenty of ***. Haha my first gf was Hispanic, the first girl I kissed was Hispanic, and apparently even by age 4 I was drawn to the Hispanic looking girls. I admire certain qualities more than others but one things for sure, walking around my campus I see at least 50 girls I want more than anything to prop up against a wall and **** till they can't stand up anymore. Perhaps a bit too descriptive but hey it's the truth (;

Yes I do believe that is a common thing in sociopaths. Unless they need a specific fetish to fulfil and urge.

True, certain people crave types more than others.