This is something I just remembered bc of a conversation I recently had. I'm not releasing this information for praise or to seem like a "psychopath" bc truly I'm just curious about my own mentality and how my brain works. Any negative comments will be disregarded and any readers that are too sensitive for unethical behavior, don't even bother to continue reading.

Last year I broke up with a girl I was dating for about two years, It wasn't hard to get her to fall for me bc I possessed the while Prince Charming persona. I didn't start unmasking till a month after we started dating; at that point I started using her for little things here and there. I took her virginity about three months into the relationship, telling her the lie that it was my first time too. After her parents fine out they make her stop seeing me bc I was unhealthy or whatever. I don't really care, I got at least half of what I wanted from her but before I know it she finds a way to talk to me again. We get back together and I get right back to work. Picking up where I left off. Now it's time to take advantage of her financially; now keep in mind she was starting college and I was still a senior in high school so she had money and plenty of it. At first I offer to pay for everything like dinner, movies, gifts, leisure, activities and etc. so then it gives her a indirect obligation to return the favor bc I have "done so much for her." This goes on for about another year and then she starts catching on. By no time she is broke, in debt, started seeing a therapist, was plagued with anxiety and panic attacks, and pretty became of no use to me considering the fact that she is so depressed that she doesn't even get out of bed. So I start cheating on her again and she becomes suspicious; even though she never knew about my past unfaithfulness, and starts getting on my phone when I'm asleep. At this point she fully caught on and figured out how much of a fraud I am. She caught on to what I am/my facades and what my intentions were. She was so heartbroken that I used her in EVERY possible way that she threatened to kill herself bc she was madly in love with me and wanted to marry next thing I know she's getting more and more suicidal and telling everyone that I'm a psychopath (which I'm not) but still it runs the risk of compromising who I am, so I tell her to kill herself and that ill do it with her to prove that I love her (though i never did) bc at this point she is ruining things for me and is getting very annoying. I convinced her that pills would be most painless way to go; even though I also proposed for her to slit her wrists by placing my favorite pocket knife in her hands hoping to watch her follow through, but she was finally talked out of it by her bullshit sorority sisters. I was so disappointed, I wanted her to perish bc she kept on telling everyone we knew that I was insane or psycho. Isn't it funny that I think she's the psychotic one?
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It isn't difficult to instil perfectly placed doubts in the human mind. Just so long as you back it up with bits and peices of logic amoungst the lies. Convince her that she doesn't love you, maybe she really loves a gay best friend and hasn't realized it yet. Since her faith in you is almost entirely obliterated already and she sounds a bit gullible based on your description, this should be all to easy for someone who has been playing her from the beggining. You might want to work on the reputation for a bit though, convincing her of suicide would be overdoing it.

I have done the same thing more than three times. I count three because those are the ones who mentioned me in the note. Not to mention other damage I caused. That's how I know I won.

As a someone who views many of the people in their life as you view your ex, a pawn and ultimately an outlet for our deeply manipulative personalities, I see this as exactly what you claim it not to be. This is an explosive cry for recognition and praise, and the fact that you don't believe yourself to be one of the lucky few who can call themselves an Anti-Social is the only bit of you that is under the line of those whom I consider my only equals. You posses a deeply narcissistic personality, you are the type of person that has a hard time looking away from their own reflection in the mirror. I don't write all of this in insult, I write this to instil in you what you already know, you have a gift and throwing it away on vein attempts for admiration is beneath you. It may seem like I'm crossing a line but I know the type of person you are, I am that same type of person. Your greatest weapons are deception and intelligence, but your weakness is pride, always know that we are the people that control the world and the weak who live amongst us. Your know your own mentality, this is post is moronic and far to personal.

Now say what you really feel. :P

Brother, your comment holds undeniable truth to it. You are very accurate with most of it. I commend you for you intellect and I admire your ability to be so observant, even through an online app. I don't take any offense at all my friend. If it helps, I admit that I wish to be as smooth or calm as a psychopath, but I do not wish to be one as a whole. I don't need to pretend to be or express self aggrandizement in order to reveal what isn't truly there. I understand your angle, but my friend you do not know ME at all. I appreciate all feedback though, this is a great response and I do hope we both can take away valuable wisdom from this conversation. For the record, I don't even consider myself a sociopath, I just don't. I may have 90% of the disorder, but I'm not one to seek labels. Sure I am fond with psychopaths and sociopaths, but not as much as you seem to be. We are similar. You are like me and I am like you. Not identical of course, bc unlike you I don't really care who wants to be called a sociopath or be labeled with ASPD. Once again, thank you for your analysis, Hoages2.

She might be correct on the "psychopath" claim.

Off by a long shot in my opinion.

Then what are you?

A narcissist

Superficial charm ("Prince Charming persona"), cunning/manipulative (persuasion of potential suicide, gaslighting), parasitic lifestyle (taking advantage of her financially), low empathy/no remorse (assuming you don't feel badly/regretful for what you did), grandiose sense of self worth (narcissistic), pathological lying (your "facade"/being unfaithful), emotionally shallow, and ASPD traits.

Is that fair?

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She's not very bright.

And of course I make everything appear to be her fault.