... This isn't as good or as long as normal I admit. But I thought I should mention it.. because I guess I need to say it.

When I ask my girlfriend to makeout or have some form of sex with me and she says "no" for whatever reason, I just go to the internet and find someone who doesn't think twice about giving me what I want... then never talk to that person again because they were so easy.
(the exception being other monsters like me ;) )
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What's your sexual preferences?
Most people never satisfy my sexual urges so I'm constantly in need of new faces or bodies( an apter reference).
A dumbass would divulge their real info. Lying is just part of the contract.

Depends what I want honestly.
The more I think about it the more I think we need a site for people more like us.
Even on the sites designed for sexual encounters, people are there looking for relationships that last more than a few hours. I agree I have people I enjoy more than others... but they are still just a snack. I bring them out when I want what they have.

When you say "people like us", are you referring to sociopaths or those with strange sexual interests?
I agree in either case, but the sociopath thing might be riddled with fakes. There are a few already.

I can say the same as well when it comes to certain peoples. I tend to get disgusted with then after our encounter so I don't keep many "regulars". Only those with favors stay. I always get pestered after I cut them off( stop being attractive? Haha)

people with strange sexual interests already have places. they have alt and fet, adultfriend and a number of others out there. Guess we just need to have a way to identify ourselves to one another on those sites. :)

Absolutely, I was just wondering if I may have unknowingly met you. Or for that matter met someone that has a strange desire. If only I could figure them out....I can get into any scene except scat haha. I don't judge much.

... as much as I enjoy the conversation... I think i would like it better in private.

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I don't even bother with names

Neither do I... I don't care what their name is normally.
When they insist on a name, I just pick a random one.
... anyone in PA or MD? msg me ;)