Hey, what’s up everyone? I’ve lurked on here for a few days figured it was time to sign up. Anyways...Let’s cause some mayhem!
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Ha. I wasn't expecting a welcome party but why would you even bother with such a pointless response?

I'm thinking...
Why would you use THIS heading in place of the "i'm new here" one that everyone gets to belong to? especially for that message?

Because I didn't think introducing myself to a whole site full of people I probably won't talk to was necessary. I came to this site to talk to like-minded people so I wanted to introduce myself to those people.

Your a sociopath?
*checks heading*
yep. sociopath.

Who pissed in your cheerios? You know nothing about me other than I just signed up but to answer your question, no I am not a sociopath. I've never been diagnosed and even if I was I'm not fond of the label anyways. I posted here because like I said, like-minded individuals. You're clearly just going to go against whatever I say so I'll end it here. Go get hit with a peace pipe.

I don't eat Cheerios. :)
You said like minded people. I was just asking if you were one. Talk about defensive cereal ******.

I tend to support people here. Although I guess that makes me going against whatever you say... Clever trap :)

I shouldn't have said going against whatever I say, I'll take that back. I've been drinking, excuse me. What I should say is, don't act like you came onto this page to do anything but post pointless and sarcastic replies to anything I say. But hey, as long as you're having fun.

All I can think about is cereal after reading this exchange.

Someone mentioned ******* in someone else's Cheerios, and after that, I had mini wheats on the brain.

Or my mini wheats.

Or kidnap my Kashi!!


(I'll show myself out)

Obviously none of you are cereal connoisseurs like me.
Frosted flakes, they're more than good, they're great!

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