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A Club I Never Wanted To Join

     I am not a Sociopath, but I am married to one. We are currently getting divorced. I joined this group because I need to understand this disorder. I have a 17 year old son who was diagnosed with ADHD in the first grade. He is now showing signs of Sociopathy. I also have a 4 year old child that I am watching very closely. I worry that it is too late to help my son, but I am praying that there may be something I can do for my other child.



Adaptable1 Adaptable1 36-40 37 Responses Dec 30, 2009

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You people are morons adaptable1 came on this forum to ask a legitimate question. BTW adaptable1 you shouldn' t have bothered asking your question on here. These forum attract losers like Missy. Sociopathy (antisocial personality disorder) is a serious mental illness and is genetic. If I were you I would take your child to a doctor because the earlier it is diagnosed the easier it will be to treat. Good luck!!

My son is a sociopath, he is twenty. He shows all the signs and told me he cannot feel anything but anger. He told me he knows he is a sociopath but cannot tell people because they cannot handle it. I love him even if he only feels a fondness for me. What can I do to make things easier for him so he will feel more accepted? I cannot imagine not being able to feel love or even empathy. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder but he does not exhibit the swing of emotion, just anger or no emotion. He is a wonderful actor though! Will it ever be easier or will he ever feel normal? Why are people so afraid he will be a serial killer? He wants to study criminal behavior actually.

Unfortunately, I've never been a part of drug use so I'm afraid that I have no opinion or thought to offer on the subject.

XCRevolution, I agree with you whole heartedly. However, the subject has now turned to drugs and fun. Would you like to join in on this part of the comment section?

Mmm, I think Anthropy was being a bit too rash. I can see where some of the conclusions she comes to comes from, but you have to keep in mind that there are others that could point out the opposite as being true. There isn't enough information to make such claims against Adaptable. Also, I think the tone was mistaken. I don't think they author's story was meant to offend, but after Anthropy let her anger out, Adaptable had little choice but to defend herself. And of course, she would be angry at Anthropy because of the attack on her. Then the whole mood just went into attack mode. It's an expected response. If someone is calling me a liar and denouncing me, I'd be upset and defend myself. Granted, as many have already pointed out, it was not the brightest of ideas to post this story in here.

I would never tease you and not deliver, Princess. ;) I think you're really interesting. I am captivated by you, straight woman!


Okay so back to the poster's concerns: *Ahem* You should know better than to ask a sociopath for help or advice because you married one, right? Even if you did get good advice, how do you know it's not all just bull ****? Consult a psychiatrist as I said before. <br />
(BTW, I'm not a sociopath. I just share some of those qualities.) <br />
<br />
So, who else wants to join in the holy trinity? I 'spose I SHOULD cap. HOLY.

Incarnadine, please join! If we need another eight ball, I can make that happen! ;) I make it a point to have good connections and always be owed favors. =D

Can I join in?

That'll do? Princess, the holy trinity is heave. ;)

I suppose that'll do.

So crack? Really? Wouldn't you rather have the holy trinity? A hotel room, a hot chick, and an eight ball?

Dood. We are SUPPOSED to be discussed the original poster's concerns. I cannot believe we are discussing crack at this time. <br />
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<br />
(This thread is now relevant to my interests)

Ha! I was just playig. You're neat.

No weed. Crack will do.<br />
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We are totally derailing.

All right then, Princess... How do feel about klonopin? Coke? Weed? What is your favorite?

Don't call me sweetheart. Call me Princess.<br />
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Second, I will take any of them except X. No thanks. OH and LSD. I have schizoaffective so I don't need to turn into a glass of orange juice anytime soon.

EccentricOne, what is your drug of choice, sweetheart? ;)

Not a carrot. More like a drug of some sort. :D

Adaptable one: Seriously, asking sociopaths for help? Sure they have wit and charm but are more or less animals that rely on instinct and self serving means. (I'm sure they are all biting at the chomps to tell me what for. lol But I am writing this for YOU and not them.) If you want something from them (i.e. help or advice) you must first dangle a carrot in front of them & tell them what they get out of it. I would talk with a psychologist or a pyschiatrist about your concerns. They are more likely to be of use and are trained on the subject. Even if it turns out that your children are both socipaths, they may love you in their own way. It's just different for them. It may be a nice relief to have someone know who they are and be able to show themselves for who they realy are. You must realize how cool it is for a socipath to be able to brag! You must also be aware that if they know that you know they may try even harder to convince you otherwise. (Especially the older child.) Please, consult a professional for YOUR sake and for your children. They are not evil or bad regardless of what they turn out to be. I suspect you are afraid to learn the truth about them. You are afraid that your children will not be able to love you. I get that. BUT like I said, they can love you in their own way. It will just be very different than what you had in mind. Good luck.

Eccentric-Nice job sweetie!

Lmao Missy and that's what you call ripping someone a new *******.

There is a "I am a mother" group with a mental illness discussion going on: <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

@Missy<br />
<br />
I love my baby. No matter what I will always love her. I made her and she is mine..

....she should just have professionals observe her if she is that concerned in my opinion. A lot of child psychologists are very good in what they do. There is nothing wrong with that (IMO). <br />
<br />
Oh and move this to another experience (again).

I am not a sociopath but I found it sad to see Adaptable1 posting here. She needs to put her request for help in a more apposite forum and ACCEPT her children as they are.

lol@ Chelsea and the lamp shade comment! I LOVE IT.

Missy I won't lie. At first I was devastated but I really let time get the best of the situation. There is so much you can do instead of wasting time sitting around worried that (like you said) your child will grow up to be a serial killer. Sociopathy isn't just about that. <br />
<br />
But then again what do I know. I am a borderline. =/

my favorite rant in Am A Sociopath from missyanthropy.<br />
second favorite rant in Am A Psychopath from Evileyed.<br />
<br />
you guys should get an award for this.