Oh Well

I'm not a sociopath really. I just don't care.

OdinisDead OdinisDead
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"I find it laughable a self proclaimed sociopath is taunting me to say something "real"."<br />
<br />
Classic. <br />
(I agree with you, OdinisDead. Not being sarcastic or anything.)

Lmao.. Funny!!

No one ever likes me.

I think thats the one but Im not sure.

I think it would be easier to tell you to go to my profile and look. They are your questions after all. I shouldnt feel obligated to answer.

I did yesterday.

EvilDemon I forget.

You people really are masters of manipulation. Teach me.

Now was that so hard?

You guys are waaaay too crybaby about who joins your treehouse.

Alright alright. You want to know why I joined this group? Because I didnt think too hard about what groups i was joining. I was being cavalier. when faced with the question 'who am I?' I came up with the realization I could be insensitive to a staggering degree- so even though Im not a sociopath by strict medical standards I feel like it sometimes. So my second thought was "well Im not really a sociopath. I just dont care".<br />
<br />
So here we are. why am I such a little upstart prat? *searches for group*

No one was talking to me. Now people are. Sounds productive to me. Oh god, is the real me an attention *****? I don't like this you guys...

Let me open up everyone to the possibility that "wasting time" can be viewed subjectively. I dont feel like Im wasting my time. One thousand sword-swallowing apologies if you do.

I don't know why I just know it's obvious.

You're right. I'm so confused in my own games. Why indeed am I so afraid to show the real me?

Is that what I said?

You mean you want to know why I dont respond with something you can taunt better?

I'm not taunting you. I just want to understand why you're so afraid to be yourself.

I find it laughable a self proclaimed sociopath is taunting me to say something "real".

So sarcasm is it for you isn't it? Do you ever say anything real?

You cant measure my relief.

We'd probably be bored more often without them.

Damn, you two real sociopaths are so bad ***. I'm just a poser. I wish you guys pretended to like me.

I didn't realize people took things here so seriously. Its flattering how you went out of your way. <br />
<br />
Im going to join a group called "I am a cat" BUT IM NOT! Oh- the IRONY! *swishes wine glass with tinkering laugh* How I amuse myself.

Answer a question for me. You come to a sociopath group simply to say "I'm not a sociopath really" Where is the logic in that?

My god! Such insight!

How special.