The Challenge...?

I moved in with my partner a week ago so considering my level of patience and the way I get bored rather quickly I would say this is gonna be a bit of fun and real emotional. Being quite young I'm not so experienced I do realize I have quite a bit of this game to learn but I should say that I have achieved a lot in such a short amount of time. I have certainly noticed that I am way wiser than anyone around me I don't think I've come around a person yet that I can not manipulate control destroy or extract from. My boss is the biggest fukcing idiot I have come across in all my years, it has never been easier with boss it's like dealing a CHILD boss has no sense of ANYTHING. I have screwed B fukcing royally and B is STILL texting me telling me B loves me that B always will. Pathetic what the hell? Well played though. I'm pretty sure this whole game is very well played, I know it's not because i am extrmely good at this I am very aware that B is childish and ignorant and is trying to regain B's youth at the age of 38 by dating someone almost half B's age. Whatever. That just makes it so much easier. I pretty much while i was kind of dating B was dating two other ppl which B knew about  and said " that's okay i'll wait for you we are meant to be together" **** like that which is just fukcing ridiculous I pretended to have a lot in common with B lied to B constantly pretended I was an extremely nice person while B bought me everything because apparently I have a "beautiful soul." HA. Anywas moving on from that headcase going through a midlife crisis, now I am with my partner we've been together for 8 months now i've also been dating this person behind partners back let's call this person R. R is an incredible ****. Incredible. I couldn't even imagine not having great sexx like that and R buys me stuff here and there not really though. Just drinks food when we go out small stuff. So here is the challenge maintaining a small relationship with these two ppl B and R while living with my partner. Partner is quite controlling which i havedestroyed that almost completly without them realizing it. But still partner does ask a lot of questions and does wanna know where I am because he had many previous ppl cheat. the reason for putting up with this bullshit partner brings me stability a nice house to live in i will not have to pay rent or power or anything if i live with partner  i will be able to save heaps of money i want to travel to liverpool in two months. Also great **** fun pretty exciting intellectual great conversation a bit irritating but i have my way in the end that's what matters that I come out winning. Anywayss how am I supposed  to pull this one off...? Any advice...

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2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Buys you stuff? Nice house? No bills? **** the rest!!!!

Burn the bridges of R and B they have nothing more to offer you. Stay with your partner. keep telling them what you want to hear.