Already Developed Ideas

Every time I have a nice idea I realize somebody else already developed it.

My dream always has been to create something singular, some piece of software that nobody has imagined yet *. I know that it's something very hard to achieve and that I'm still young to do it, but I'm constantly blaming myself for being unable to "think further than what I'm used to". And the few times I succeed in finding something interesting to build I discover there's already something similar and I always end to clear the whole project.

I've started programming with the purpose to distract me from the life, but now this unattainable and frustrating goal is making me lose all the motivation even when developing most simple things. The only place where I can write code without stopping the project in the middle of its development, is at work. But what I develop there is more a need of the corporate than an idea of mine, of course.. so even if I like my job it isn't enough to take my motivation back.

* It's not an attempt to become more "popular", I was never interesting in being so. I could even publish that eventual "successful idea" anonymously and/or under public domain, just in order to prevent other people stealing and patenting it. I don't know which is the reason, but it's something I need to achieve in order to have the motivation to do everything else. That's totally weird, I know, and it will make me go insane probably or just give up...
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Doesn't matter if it was done before - strive to do it better!

Even Steve Jobs quoted Picasso with "Good artists copy, Great artists steal" and they were both very creative artists in their own right - both credited with creating new and exciting things.

This is actually the way of progresses for humanity - we learn from what others have done before us, we build on their ideas and make "something new" from it. Don't think about creating "new stuff", just do what you like to do, what you are passionate about ...

That's good advice, but at the moment I don't have any decent idea to work on. Maybe in future, if I'll ever have time and motivation to start again working on personal projects, I'll keep it in mind. Anyway, thank you for the comment. :)

Here is my honest advice to you. Stop saying "maybe" and stop talking about the "future". You have an idea. You are just not thinking clearly. Success is never really quick and glamorous as it is made to seem. It is struggle and hard work. It is so satisfying when you know you made it, but a destination is never met for those who truly innovate. Make real progress in small, measurable increments. Move on if you get stuck, and don't worry about perfection or the next big thing. Practice makes perfect, and you are never done practicing. You say you have no decent idea, but I already see you have one. You can write software to help track ideas. Sure this has been done before, but as menejc rightly points out, it doesn't matter if it's been done before. Everything under the sun has been done. It's up to you to make it better for you, and a truly good idea will translate to good for many others. At the end of the day if you've made your own life a little better, you have been massively successful. Don't try to solve a one-size-fits-all problem. Those are typically the dumbed down versions of what was once an elegant solution to a simple little problem. Those simple little problems are where you will find the most joy in life. This goes for everything, not just software. Happy coding!

Thanks for the advice. :)

Yeah, software meant to track your ideas exist already; some of 'em are open-sourced, so anyone can contribute to them, and for this reason anything I could ever develop on my own would be really far from being "better" than these ones. At last, it'd have much more sense if I contributed to their development (which, for other categories of software, I already do).

It's just me pushing harder and harder on myself, hopefully a day I'll manage to develop something I can be really proud of, innovative or not. I'm currently working on something I'm actually enjoying, right now, even though there's some libraries which are making me go insane, so I'm kinda stuck. Ha.