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Hello all strange people. It's a month until my 18th birthday and I plan on joining some branch of the military. I'm thinking either Army or Airforce. I've done research on the Internet, but it's not the same thing as first-hand advice. I could really use information and advice.
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4 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Best advice I wish someone told me 4 years ago when I did the same... 1, ask for a bonus... 2, figure out where you would like to be stationed, and request it get put into your contract. 3, no matter what MEPS says, DON'T listen to them. I was schedualed to be a human intel analyst and MEPS conned me into being an MP. Tell them you get what you asked for, or you walk. And 4, for the love of god go air force... 4 years in the army has been hell!<br />
And making sure you can pass a PT test before you go to basic is also a huge help...

i was in the us army and they seemed to be good for me.I had a great job in s. veitnam. radio man we carried all, and i mean all communications in vietnam. i enjoyed it for whats worth to ya.<br />
good luck<br />

1st: is your country being invaded? If not, why are you planning on joining the Armed Forces? (And by invaded I mean, is some other country's army storming the shore right now?)<br />
2nd: What are you really going to be fighting for, do you know for sure? If it's "Terrorism", that will always exist whether you lose a leg or die or not. Besides, that whole terrorism thing is made up so they can go and steal someone else's oil.<br />
3rd: Why would you go to someone else's country and kill people just to make some banker rich? That's all it's really about, you know.<br />
<br />
I have the greatest respect and admiration for people who join the military, IF THEY KNOW THE WORLD THE WAY I DO and their reasons are noble. Joining because some politician (who would never send his own kids over there) said it's the "patriotic thing to do, son" is THE very wrong reason.<br />
I wish you luck, and I hope you will reconsider your decision.

Well, have you tried a Recruiter?