Surrender To Embrace A Solitary Life!

In life I feel much contented with my work and family life. I do not have a need to want to hang out with anyone much (especially through the week, as I love the routine of putting in a good days work in followed by coming home to look after my son & cooking dinner whilst I wait for my wifey to arrive). Then the weekends when we are not shopping or doing laundry, honestly we become the very definition of a homebody – just chilaxing and takin’er easy.

It bothers me to which I tend to get irritated a fair bit when people assume because I don’t carry ‘an adequate social life’, that I am ‘missing something’ or down on life or something. I did somewhat appear reserved when one family member addressed me - only because I dislike having to be questioned like something is wrong just because I spend more time alone than with others. As a result I noticed an unrest in my spirit feeling annoyed, and a little bitter that I must measure up to some level with others expectations.

But as I read an email today that spoke about surrender, this message was quite timely. Although I’ve heard the aspect of ‘surrender’ a couple times prior, it is very easy to forget when facing pressure. This message therefore helped me understand that one way to release what others think (and the only reason I tend to hold a grudge is because I care about these people), is to simply surrender these ‘opinions’ and let go.

This is the stage I feel in my life I must embrace and cherish -. in becoming more confident in who I am with this solitary lifestyle to set boundaries & not be so swayed. This surrendering process is actually what I have undertaken in the journey of myself, but as I bicker about the opinions, and keep others in the back of my head, it really does not allow me to move forward. When I feel as though I am rightly justifying myself through these actions in the mind, subconsciously I am harboring all these negative feelings. And so I spend the majority of my time going over all this unnecessary festering in my head instead of enjoying who I am. It is time that I embrace that I love solitude and that is ok!
soliare soliare
26-30, M
Apr 17, 2012