I Have No Choice!

i think have always been solitary i have no choice , when i live alone and people do not value my company then i tend to over time devalue theirs. someone always has to make the move anyhow and it always little me little desperate sad spinster, but you know what people should be grateful they have a few people around that they take for granted because not all of us have that. and i for one am not gonna be the one grovelling with puppy dog eyes to the person that puts ******* football and his associates above a quality relationship , because solitude is better than making my heart rate rise for a not so pleasurable reason.when someone really does not give a flying ****. its crucifying , stab with a dirty penknife in my heart and i feel the bacteria infiltrating through my once clean blood because being rejected so many friggin times perpetuating like a merry go round is just nasty! so thats why am playing solitaire once again on a sullen saturday afternoon!
and i do not want to sound like a nagging wife thats not possible i live alone he does not qualify as life long material hes just a chronic pain in my effing female ovules! god i know i sound sad but sometimes solitaire is the only way!
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1 Response May 5, 2012

Can solitude be shared?<br />
I know I can be alone in a crowd!<br />
<br />
Solitude has a cleansing effect.<br />
Purifies the blood,<br />
Airs out the mind,<br />
Comforts the wounded heart.<br />
<br />
Can solitude be shared?<br />
Can another come into my world,<br />
My solitude, hearts beating as one.<br />
<br />
Solitude, the place of peace, tranquality,<br />
Come into my Solitude and hear the quite.<br />
<br />
Fell the security of a shared Solitude.