Solitary Man

We moved around a lot because my Father was in the military, I kept making friends and then losing them, The feeling was unbearable, finding someone who you could tell every secret to and who accept you in all your oddities. I remember one special friend I met in England we were the best of friends, we promised to stay in touch but his address and information was destroyed while in transit to States, I was always kind of shy always in my own world. I was not interested in sports at all, Still I don't watch sports. I remember writing a lot when I was young , short stories etc. I remember when I was 13 I had a relationship with a girl while in England, we hardly ever spoke, She would follow me around every where I went , we would just sit together for hours without words enjoying nature , The only time I ever remember talking to her was when I had a allergic reaction to a plant we came across in a field. The relationship was different to me because I felt we were starting to communicate without words, picking up on every small detail. I've made a couple friends since then but I think my idea of a friend does not exist anymore, I am loyal to a friend so it was weird to see friends not being loyal and tell my secrets, secrets were kind of valuable to me especially when a friend kept mine maybe it's because trust was made strong through it. Being shy I think being publicly embarrassed had a bigger effect on me, One of my friends enjoyed embarrassing me in public, I did not understand it all, maybe it's the culture. I spend more time alone than with someone and I love it. It's maybe a sheltered lifestyle , people ask me questions about things and they are shocked I don't know what they are talking about sometimes. I almost feel like I'm like one of those children locked away in their room, in their own World and loving the privacy. I'm loving it.
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Solitary is sometimes better,

You can view the world from a distance,

And get a better understanding about it,

Because you get to think longer about what happened to you while in the company of people,

To be constantly in the company of other people doesn't provide any sense of purpose,

Or self-reflection...

You won't find peace if you are not allowed the chance to think about life,

Some people just party around because they don't want to think about life,

They are too scared for that moment alone to see what they will find,

In short some people don't like to think about life that much for the fear of going crazy...

But true peace lies in insanity LMAO true story!!!