Too Easily Annoyed

I detest hanging out with people.  It bothers me and makes me irritated.  It's just too much trouble pretending like I care for what they have to say when I really don't.  And when I have to pay attention to them, it's just too tiring and so boring.  Even when I'm with my friends or family, I can only stand it for so long.  I just want to yell at everyone around me most of the time, "Shut up, shut up, shut up!"  But that would be so incredibly rude.  Usually I want nothing to do with anyone and if I'm forced to be around people, I feel trapped and sofficated. 

XCRevolution XCRevolution
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 13, 2009

im like that to. I feel bad after acting that way but I can not seem to stop. The people im not close like at work, the whole time they are talking im thinking how I wish they would sht up.

Yeah, I've started to. I mean, lately I've just been telling my sister to shut-up even though she hasn't been talking long or done anything to deserve it, and after a while I yell at a few of my friends. The ones I'm close to I don't say anything and just deal with them, but the others I avoid them and when they talk to me I tell them to get lost. I'd rather live my life alone. Go to a club or something, have some sex, and live a solitary life. I don't want a real relationship unless my girl is quiet.