I Like Being Alone More Than Most People

I love my privacy. I love being able to come home from classes, after I've been around people all day, and just go in my room and be alone. If I don't get enough time to myself I go crazy. It's not that I never want to be around others, it's just that I definitely enjoy my privacy more than most. I think some people feel like they have to constantly be around others because they feel uncomfortable going places by themselves. I've never had a problem going places by myself. I can take as long as I want or go as quickly as I want without any disruptions. I love laying in my bed reading a book with my dog. :)  When I feel like it, I'll go be around other people.

The fact that I'm pretty much a loner used to really bother me.  Sometimes it still does, but I've come to realize that I'm often happier when I'm alone than when I'm around other people.  I guess I just need more time to think than a lot of other people...It's pretty much impossible to think when you're always surrounded by a bunch of annoying people talking about stupid **** that you don't want to listen to.....A lot of times when I do go out with other people, I find myself thinking "I wish I was at home right now instead of here with these annoying people."

Timide Timide
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Same, ive been hanging out at loners-club.com it's the only community i can relate to.

Today, I came on internet, just to try, to get, an answer, for my self, I like going out on my own, because its very easy for me to make friends in any place I go, so i dont need to go out in groups, ive tried it more than once, to be in a group and I failed, because I always ended up going somewhere else on my own, as I am seeing its not something that I have to worry about. I think that, the answer is, that people like us, are stronger than others who hangout in groups, lead by someone else.

i totally get what you are saying... i tried to make friends and then when i start to get close with them I somehow end up messing the whole thing up... don't know what goes wrong but it seems to happen quite often at least with me...I also find it difficult to keep on talking when among friends but most of them seem like they can go on and on for hours..I like myself the way I am but i do get a little upset once in a while when i see others always hanging out with their friends and enjoying it.

Haha exactly. People seem like they can go on forever, which is fine sometimes, because I'd rather listen than talk. It gets to me sometimes too, but then I remember it's just who I am. It's hard to be an introvert in a world of extroverts sometimes.

I like to be alone but i still feel lonely.<br />
I used to let people make me feel guilty for wanting to stay in all the time, but in recent years ive become more confident... not with social activities, but with who i am. If people dont like it i put them in their place lol, they dont feel the need to comment on my lifestyle after that.<br />
Its not that i hate leaving my home, its quite the opposite, but i always feel socially awkward with people and its just so rare that i connect with anyone.<br />
Ive tried it before, and i just end up '' faking '' it and wishing it was time to go home.<br />
Some people love social interaction, but it just drains me.

Right. I just reread that story and realized how negative I sound. It's not that I hate everyone, it's just that I feel like I don't really care about most of the things people talk about. Sometimes people talk just to talk. It takes a lot out of me to be around people, and I'm always excited to go home.

social situations drain me too!! i mean, dont get me wrong, i like my music, and i like a couple of alcoholic beverages every now and then, and i also like going out every so often, but i just hate it when i go out with friends and we end up in a club with all the thumping music, and i cant even hear myself think, never mind speak or try and have a good time lol!! i prefer to just go out for a nice quiet meal, a couple drinks and then home, or go see a movie or something lol

we should create a solitary society.

Hahaha. Sounds like a good idea to me!

i know *Timide*, sometimes i look out my living room window, and i see some of my neighbours around my age, all dressed up, getting into a cab to go on a night out, and i think to myself "that would be great, if i could be a bit more outgoing like that" but i cant, its just not me!!! socialising always seems good, and sometimes when i see certain programs on tv where they show people socialising, it always looks good, but whenever i try it myself, it just seems like an anti climax, with all the looking forward to going out, and then it turns out that i dont enjoy it!!! i do like a night out occasionally though!!! lol

so i am not alone

nope, your not alone *shahmmohsin* lol

Yeah, every once in awhile it really gets to me....then I'll be sad about it for awhile, then I'll realize that it's just who I am.

i always feel the same way!! lol!! it used to bother me when i was younger, but not as much now, although like you, it still bothers me a little!!!