"Living Proof"

I thought I would share this song because it's appropriate for this time of year and the upcoming Holiday "Easter". It's titled "Living Proof" and it's about life after death. I do believe in the afterlife and life after death. For if only in this life we have hope, drink and be merry for tomorrow we shall surely die. To put it another way, if we don't have hope in an afterlife, we better be living it up now, drinking and partying because none of us have anything to look forward to after this life is over, if we don't believe in life after death. 

                              "Living Proof"
 What a glorious morning when that stone was rolled away
 The angel spoke to Mary he has risen today!
 Go and tell the other's the Saviour is not dead
 He is living proof there's life after death.

I'm living proof there's life after death
I've been ressurected, I've been born again.
In a watery grave they laid me to rest
I'm living proof there's life after death.

Some people say there's no life to come
When this life is over it's all said and done. 
The way that I see it from my own point of view
There's life after death and I'm living proof.
michaelraybaker michaelraybaker
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2 Responses Apr 6, 2012

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it!

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! thoes words really touched my soul and I thank you for that beautifully written song.<br />
Huggs in Christ,Trails

Trails, I'm so happy those word were able to reach your soul, that feels my heart with joy!