Home Sweet Home

This story is about my Heavenly Home that I look forward to living someday when I leave this temporary place behind. We've all heard the old phrase "Home Sweet Home" and when I hear it, I think of Heaven and so I wrote this song about my Heavenly Home.

                    "Home Sweet Home"
This ole house of clay, someday will pass away
But my spirit forever will live on.
It's my choice now to decide, where my soul will abide
And I know that Heaven will be my home.

I want to walk those streets of gold in my crown, in my robe
I want to hear the angels sing Hallelujah to the King.
I want to see my lovedones there, in that city so bright and so fair
I have a longing and I want to go, to my Heavenly home sweet home.

Life down here can be so cruel, makes me feel I'm only a fool
But someday I know I'll leave it all behind.
I'm striving for a better place, filled with love, beauty, and grace
I get so anxious I can't hardly wait to say goodbye.  {Repeat Chorus}

You can go to my Blog and "Click" on the YouTube Link to listen to this song. God Bless!
michaelraybaker michaelraybaker
46-50, M
May 19, 2012