I Try to Write Songs to Tear Your Heart Out

Not that I want to make you cry...But I've always loved those songs that go right for the deepest, darkest, hardest things we have to deal with in this chaotic world.

I keep hoping to find ways to write about things so personal and so true that, like digging through to China, I come out the other side and wind up with universals - talking about the pain and struggle we all feel.
humdinger humdinger 46-50, F 3 Responses Aug 26, 2007

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Hush now, don't explain, you're my, joy and pain, I'm glad, you're back, don't explain.

I wouldn't have guessed. Maybe you're like me, only too familiar with the demands of doing quality work on deadline. I really enjoyed putting that list together. Here's a Tim Buckley song that belongs on there too - Love From Room 109 At The Islander -- from Happy/Sad. Cheers

Can you tell I'm on deadline? I should not be here doing this.

Nina Simone - Blue Prelude

Billie Holliday - Don't Explain

Roseanne Cash - Second To No One

Bill Monroe - With Body & Soul

Lottie Lenya - September Song

Tammy Wynette - Till I Get It Right

Dale Watson - I Hate These Songs

Tim Buckley - Blue Melody

Emmylou Harris - Spanish Johnny

River - Joni Mitchell

Little Girl Blue - Keith Jarrett

Blame It On The Sun - Stevie Wonder

How Could I Let You Get Away - The Spinners

Distant Lover - Marvin Gaye

Sunlight Of No Light - Gospel At Colonus

No Time To Live - Traffic

This Is My Country - Curtis Mayfield

The Man Who Sends Me Home - Laura Nyro

All Cried Out - Dusty Springfield