Finally Suceeded.

 Last Nov 14 I started dating boyfriend. By that March we moved into an aprtment. This was the first time both of us have lived on our own. And then about two months we decided to try and have a family. So every month we tested to see if i was pregnant. Nope only one pink line. Then in June of this Year I was a week late or so and we tested thinking that it was going to be that one pink line and it wasnt. There was two. There were so many emotions that morning. So that night we went back to drug store and got another box of pregancy test. So, they came out with two lines and that is when I called up an family member to get them to take me to the free clinc to get it confirmed. They told me that i was 6wks. But months have passed now and both are families are happy about it. On both sides of the family it is going to be the first great grand baby and grand baby. Just recently we found that it was a alittle girl. It was so cute she was acting shy and was tugging on her ears.. Now we just have to decide on the name!!
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Congrats on your baby! your in for a wonderful experiance.<br />
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congratulations, im a soon to be mommy 2 im having a little gir, rebekah marie, she's my first. so i just wanted to congratulate u on your bundle of joy. :)

aw. that's sweet. i`m not sure if i want to find out the sex of my baby.