At Least In Some Ways, I Am Sophisticated.

I've always looked up to the glamorous, classy women of yesterday's Hollywood like Grace Kelly, Veronica Lake, and Audrey Hepburn.
With regard to the superficial things one tends to associate with 'sophistication', I'm very fortunate in that I happen to have an innate knack for dressing well (whether or not I have much money). Additionally, my body language communicates self-confidence and femininity. 
My father grew up traveling the world with his father, and because of that I've had a very nice amount of exposure to things outside of the American culture of my upbringing. My dad has always shared the world with me, what he knows of it's peoples, their foods, garb, religions with me so I grew up very aware that the world is so much bigger than the small portion of it that's right outside our door.
Both parents, mom and dad, are very educated...both have been to college but I mean truly educated, such as self-taught, and always learning. They made sure that I'd read my first genuine book by the tender age of three and reading has been a passion these 38 years since that first small book.
My hometown of Dallas, Texas is very metropolitan and we are so fortunate to have persons of all cultures and walks of life here; in this wonderful city are many diverse, exotic people; some of my friends here are Hispanic (from Mexico, Columbia, Guatemala, even Portugal), some are African-American, some are Asian (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, even Tibetan), some are Polynesian, some are European (German, Italian, French), some are Middle Eastern (Pakistani, Kuwaiti) I credit this great, wonderful city with such a richly diverse melting pot of humanity that I'm so fortunate to be surrounded by. 
I enjoy all kinds of music, from Classical (Baroque, Romantic, all periods), to international music to country and western to rock and roll through the decades to big band music name it! (Admittedly, I can't really wrap my heart around polka, though). 

Additionally, I know in my heart of hearts that I'm not superior to a single other human being on this planet and treat everyone the same, from a company's C.E.O. to the gentleman who comes in the evening to tidy the office, because as a Christian I'm always very aware that the ground at the foot of the cross is quite level; each of us feels, breathes, bleeds, sleeps, needs love. We are all fundamentally the same. 
However, there's nothing wrong with being able to discern and appreciate the difference between Bach and Tchaikovsky; being familiar with Impressionism, Surrealism, and Cubism (including knowing some of the artists involved in each of the movements, the names of some of their works and what differentiates the different movements within art)...these things are not harmful and I know they don't make me better than anyone else. I truly don't think I'd want to be superior to anyone if I could be, anyway. (I mean, what constructive thing could possibly come from it?) 
I don't know, maybe my understanding of 'sophistication' isn't quite accurate. I mean, I'm cultured, put-together well; educated; I do try to be kind, merciful, and fair; I keep an open mind and am not afraid to be told when I am wrong. 
Just, I think it's important that each of us realizes that whether or not we are sophisticated, each of us has value, and merit, and something to contribute to this life that only we can contribute. No one is more or less 'important' than anyone else. 
Sometimes my being a sophisticated woman has worked against me and brought unfair assumptions about me from others; I'm always so delighted to (by the way I live and act) prove that I'm not a snob; I'm not mean and I don't belittle others. 
So because of these things, I don't feel 'guilty' about being an intelligent, educated, cultured woman. I enjoy and appreciate who I am, even during those times when someone else doesn't or, sadly, just can't. 
afreimann afreimann
41-45, F
Jan 11, 2013