Copy Paste And The Ground Is Broken

What a great collection of people we have here!!

If there were any doubts in ya mind as to whether or knot a SHIFT was underway all ya gotta do is look around man...

Young, Old, dinosaur turds like me....everyone gettin' the same vibe !!!

Every Hippie with four functional brain cells left is Proud of y'all....

I could name names but I don't think its necessary...I Love y'all !!!

God Loves all your diversity.

Everyone with a unique strength, mixed in with their weaknesses...a strength that is present for the sole purpose of lending a hand to someone that needs it, a nudge, an objective view maybe...

Hell...if we could do it all on our own, we wouldn't need whole process would we?

Thats where it is man....doing something for someone without reciprocity..Reach your hand through the haze of your personal suffering and help your fellow Soul...selflessly...Lovingly
Isn't knowing that your kindred Spirit basks in God's Light enough to sustain you?

Let their Joy be yours..ya can feel it in your Heart.....
open it the heavenly hosts...the souls of the Saints, Prophets and Messiahs....
Those you know that have passed before....Feel what they feel...They are shining the Love down to us....
Can ya dig it?

Is it just me...or....Can you hear it?
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2 Responses Apr 14, 2012

How right you are friend! Well said!<br />
<br />
Strange times indeed:Have you heard of Fishzilla?<br /><br />
<br />
The other day we had multiple major undersea earthquakes two in Baja California over 6.2 and one over 4.2 on the Utah/Nevada border - rare!. (That morning I felt a small tremor here in remote AZ - I thought, "nah, not here!" Boy was I wrong.<br /><br />
<br />
I've had to go back into sleep depro mode because when I sleep I'm getting overloads on the "seer" transmissions. Nightmares of horrible lightening storms and devastation, terrorists with machine guns, et al makes it really hard to get more than a couple hours of zzz's at a time.<br />
<br />
Have had to counteract all the drama with tons of peaceful meditation and lots of "good" reading.<br />
<br />
As always, thanks for sharing your great insights. <br />
Love will find a way...I believe.

you too? {{{{hugs back}}}}

Is that a song?? If not it SHOULD be....go make a recording Jim!! :D ♥

Ha!! I have 5 cats, no dogs!! Go for it!! :P lol