Soul~ a golden light body, the commonality all of us share with the Universal Mind, the same invisible energy that exists every where in the universe...from the nucleus of an atom to galaxies and solar systems. The same energy that Banged.... the part of you than cannot perish ..the energy of God..What we as humans perceive as a whole in this emanation is a shard...the whole being a combined trinity of Self, Higher Self and Eternal Self....or Quantum Self.


Why angels? Why spirit guides?
I know the standard answer is~ "To help us". Help us what?

Why channeled messages? Where are they channeled from? Who are they from?

What does 'shift' mean?.....or 'shift in consciousness'?

I agree with what some have said that channelings and guides will become a thing of the past. I would surmise that even guardian angels, and many other sorts, will become less necessary as time flows. As helpful and impressive as those angels and guides can be,  there is a trump to them.

Ascension~ and a 'shift' to a 'higher consciousness'...hmm. Well there is talk about the planet grid consciousness...I dont know about that. The personal part I get~

My present view goes something like this.......

Everything...I mean the esoteric help, wisdom and  instruction from our spiritual guidance has been with the intent of  reconnecting that shard of our soul that inhabits this body with our Higher self..or the handler if you will. Having done that opens one to all the collected wisdom of the Soul plane I feel. When you meditate and have connected with that 'self' , what is channeled I feel is YOU....a dialogue with your soul wisdom. The collected knowledge of countless experiences. This will probably cause a relationship to Soul I believe angels are are the handservants...drudge is another word. Soooo....I think once you have reconnected that soul -shard you sort of cut out the middle man in the communication so to speak.

Anyone who has channeled or perhaps used automatic writing can maybe agree that sometimes there is a different feel to the messages. Like...general distribution and your eyes only type of thing. I am almost positive that the 'your eyes' ones are soul knowledge/ memories. I realize that it will take time for people to catch up. I think the channeling thing as pertains to the masses is gonna go like the prophets of old~ the information is gonna be out there for us to heed or not.
I dont believe mediumship will completely disappear in the future, but I do believe that it will be needed less frequently as more people connect to their Soul-selves.  And make no mistake....not everyone will....not everyone cares to. Lots of people lead happy and fulfilled lives without concerning themselves with the type of spiritual things we like to discuss here. And thats okay.

What are some other ways to contact the soul plane...most specifically our soul? Besides meditation...? Something that light workers and shamans and 'wise-men' have practiced for a long while. Its all around the boards here...I AM INTUITIVE- I AM AN EMPATH-  GOD SPEAKS TO ME and the like. Intuition....knowing without discovering....How do ya suppose? Empathy...what is it that connects you to others emotional state? I know Lou will say the Limbic system and that may very well be the organ in which the function is contained, but I suggest that a connection with YOUR soul in turn connects you with ALL souls. Your soul connection doesnt have to be perfect. Like intuition and empathy and psychic will strengthen with use.  The important thing is that you trust what you feel. Trust its origins and intent.

Some people would say that this sort of thing opens you to negative could I suppose but I feel pretty sure that those energies are easily detectable if you evaluate them with the right thing....heart or whatever ya would call it.

edit for the addition:

Mmm kay...there is more I should say about some other items.

Ascension could and should be viewed as connecting with your higher consciousness....synonymous with 'awakening' or 'enlightened'.

About that access to the soul plane and soul knowledge.....for reasons I am not quite sure about there seems to be a little catch. Best I can tell, your conscious mind needs to process something prior to getting the souls input. Its not necessary to master a subject....just introduce it to your skimming a book. Taste, sample, test. Exposing oneself to a wide variety of ideas and concepts fosters a stronger soul connection and taps more wisdom. It is in this way that spiritual growth happens so quickly that the progress can be measured almost exponentially.

Without water and sunlight a plant becomes frail and puny. Likewise with the soul. Without nourishment or a connection with the Source (Light) it atrophies. I'm of the opinion that until the soul rises to the heart chakra that it cannot connect with the higher self...the all important heart chakra.  The middleman between the high and low houses. Maybe thats what an 'old' soul that has or almost has reached the level of the heart chakra...I don't know nor would I care to guess whats involved in it's reaching that point. When connected to Source thru the higher soul it responds quickly, expanding and brightening as its 'powers' are activated. head

Feel free to jump in on this anywhere ya want...Im just hypothesizin'....
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You have a really great gift of explaining so many of the things I think about and can never put into the right words....It's nice to know there are other people who are on the same page...

Jim,<br />
<br />
You are so right on....<br />
I do understand what you are saying... I looked into that when... well when I began..<br />
<br />
In my book Soulsearch(ing).. I do speak about what the soul is made of.. Until one looks into the physics of this universe we live in.. the thing we call light is part of it.. it is the most unreachable thing for us.. as unreachable and limited as the thing we call god.<br />
<br />
So light ond our creator has no way of being in what we call the world of the soul..because it is timeless and eternal. Our false view of the vastness of our universe is the same one used to create god.. and by the same view say god and the soul is eternal. This is the constant contridition in this thing we have built our faith on.<br />
<br />
But the creator.. in creation itself provided what eternity is.. the eternity we call heaven above.. Yet eternity is all around us.. we breath it in..and we cannot escape its presence...Your words ... "What does 'shift' mean?.....or 'shift in consciousness'?... " are but an attempt to explain....<br />
<br />
I think the book will ring a bell for you........................................... Lou