Right Minded....

As we all know... "We're in our 'Right Mind'...".

I grew up in Connecticut, and when I was in Kindergarten, they taped my left hand to the desk, and told me I had to learn to write with my right hand.

I went home crying that day, and the next morning my father, (A former Navy submariner), went to school with me.  He 'spoke' to the principal, by holding him off the floor, and explained that I was left handed, and that the public school system should not be trying to change the way I've been writing my whole life...

He also added the fact that he is left handed, and doesn't take kindly to people being stupid about which hand you write with...

It was my first experience with left handed stigmas that exist in our society.

I'm mostly left handed, except for sports.  I only use my left hand for Frisbee, shooting, and writing.
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Bravo for your father!