When I Want To Be.

Let's get one thing straight right now:  I am neither prim nor proper.  I say words that are far worse than "damn, ****, and hell," and I drink my whiskey in public.  Most of my experiences as an adult are far from the lolling, idealistic, southern orchards and farmlands.  I am urban.  My hometown is part of the "dirty dirty," as they call it these days.  (Quite frankly, I don't blame them.  It's not exactly the safest or most economically stable part of the country.)

Having said that, I know how to be polite and charming.  I know that Christmas cards and Thank You cards mean more when they're handwritten, and I know that Thank You cards are an absolute necessity. 

I know that you offer food to anybody who comes into your home, including any uninvited unpleasants who happen through.  I know the wonders of sweet tea, fresh summer squash, tomatoes.  I know how to make a roux.  (For that matter, I know what a roux IS.)

I know the history of where I live, of where I grew up.  I know that a lot of people fought long and hard to get it the way it is today, and I know that we still have a LONG way to go. 

I tend to knock about freely in torn-up jeans and t-shirts, but I also clean up real nice, and I'll bet your mama would love me.  That is, god bless her heart, if she'd give me a chance.

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8 Responses Mar 12, 2010

Sadly, I cannot eat (and therefore do not cook) shellfish. I DO make some mean effin' cheese grits, though.

...and put toboggans on your head.<br />
You belles of the south are freaking me out. <br />
But if you make me some shrimp and grits, <br />
oh baby, I will mow your lawn. oh yeah

howdy there hunny! from one belle to another...enjoyed the story..we'll have to get together sometime and chew tha fat!!!

Yeah man a toboggan is a giant sled! Let's go tobogganing lol. I heard a lot of people don't know what a poutine is, which is a shame, and they aren't familiar with what a toque is.

The one that got to me was "toboggan." It's a hat down here, but a sled in the northern part of the country.

hehe...I'm a transplant from the north to the south. I heard the word "dang" for the first time in my life.<br />
And where I come from, if you say "yes ma'am," you're not being polite...you are a smart ***.

My heart does not need "blessing." This is reserved for those who "ain't quite right." But then again, I get accused of that on occasion, so nevermind.

Well, bless your heart.