A Transplanted Southerner

I was born in Tennessee, but I have lived in several southern states. Until I was 18, I had never been above Washington DC and I still have not been west of Texas, but I'm working on it. We made several moves while I was growing up, so I claim several places as my 'home': Tennessee, Florida, Louisiana and Virginia. I moved to Georgia to be with my husband when he was in the military, then we were stationed in Connecticut. It was a bit of a culture shock there, but not as much because we were near the military base and there were a lot of southerners around, but a few years ago my husband left the military and we moved to Pennsylvania, which is where he is from.

This is a much different place. I am from small towns and now I live in the suburbs. I have to drive in a huge city, which is nerve wracking as hell. No one lets you over and they will run you over if you try to get in front of them. And they cannot merge to save their lives! Every merge causes a huge traffic back up. It really is my pet peeve.

I am acclimating and there are things that I like. I do like seeing snow and seeing my son play it in. I like not having the humid, sweltering summers, but I miss so much of the south.

I miss the friendliness and the way people in a small town take care of each other. I miss the politeness and I miss my family.
madderakka madderakka
26-30, F
Jul 10, 2011