I am originally from Daulphin Island, Alabama. When I was about younger we moved to Bethel, Ohio. I still live in the Greater Cincinnati area and it is terrible. The weather sucks. People are just complete ********. The water and air are putrid. In the summer it is so humid it is hard to breathe. For those of you on the southern coast that get the nice cool salty breeze, imagine the 90-100°weather you get without that breeze. That's Ohio summers for you. Winters, one word, snow. It f*ucking sucks. So for all of you southerners that take your beautiful state for granite, remember how lucky you are. It is hell to be from the south and live in the north.
TheHatterIsBack TheHatterIsBack
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 21, 2013

awww . . . hate to see you miserable . . . 8(