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I am originally from Daulphin Island, Alabama. When I was about younger we moved to Bethel, Ohio. I still live in the Greater Cincinnati area and it is terrible. The weather sucks. People are just complete ********. The water and air are putrid. In the summer it is so humid it is hard to breathe. For those of you on the southern coast that get the nice cool salty breeze, imagine the 90-100┬░weather you get without that breeze. That's Ohio summers for you. Winters, one word, snow. It f*ucking sucks. So for all of you southerners that take your beautiful state for granite, remember how lucky you are. It is hell to be from the south and live in the north.
TheHatterIsBack TheHatterIsBack 18-21, M 2 Responses Feb 21, 2013

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I live in Alabama and Dauphin Island is one of my favorite places - it's just beautiful! I grew up in Ohio and definitely know where you're coming from. I love the South and will never leave it! Hope you make it back here for good :)

Agreed. I managed to go down right after the BP Oil Spill to help out and it broke my heart seeing how much the island has changed and shifted. I went down for vacation last year and it is still beautiful but not as beautiful as it used to be.. the pier is what? About 150-200yards inland now.. and they turned part of the nature preserve into a pay beach. But the bakery still has the best pastries in the entire country and possibly the world, and the bird sanctuary is still relaxing. No matter what changes though it will always be home and will always be better than the north.

awww . . . hate to see you miserable . . . 8(