Born and Raised.

I was born in Texas and raised in Virginia. By old fashion southern grandparents at that. My grandfather was born and raised in Virginia and in 78 years of his life that is where he lived, and my grandmother was born in North Carolina and raised in Virginia.My father and all three uncles were all born and raised in Virginia and still live here today. My mother though, is a Yankee by birth as she was born in New York and stayed there until she was in her teens and then it was on to Texas.  My husband is also a Southerner. And I wouldn't change it for nothing.

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Its great. My husband and I have been together since June of 2004. I love my husband. I could not be happier.

oh you're so not in bed fg!

Yeah its nice. I really only like the beach there though. Everything is over priced there though.

I love it there! My favorite place in the world.

Virginia Beach is the closest thing to big city as you get in Hampton Roads area.

I come to Norfolk often too. I love Virginia Beach and have a friend I meet there frequently.

oh and girls im in tennessee!!

Oh. I've never been to fairfax. But I only live two hours away from Richmond. I live in Portsmouth for the first 15 years of my life and I've been in Norfolk for the last three years.

Fairfax mostly, but Richmond, and other areas too.

Oh nice. What part?

I love VA and spend a lot of time there these days.