And Proud of It.

i was born and raised in the suburbs of atlanta. i take pride in my culture, and i hate southern stereotypes!

UPDATE: lol, i must've been in a silly mood when i wrote this pitiful excuse of an overly emphatic story!

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i hate stero types too

I hear ya. I'm from Kansas & I've heard every wizard of oz joke anyone could possible make. I've been asked 100's of times if I know Dorothy or if my dog's name is Toto. Plus, most people don't even know where Ks. is located in our great nation & think I'm from the south...they're amazed when I tell them about snowstorms I've experienced growing up on the Great Plains. Geez, people, pay attention will ya. ;-)

people often assume that all southerners are uneducated racists who chew on toothpicks and drive pick-ups to dog fights. yes, unfortunately, those people do exist, but please don't condemn the rest of us just because of our worst specimens.