I Feel Bad About It Sometimes..

I worked nights for so long that my body has adjusted to sleeping during the day. I like to snuggle in the blankets and waste away the day. It's wonderful bliss for me..

My mom was visiting this week and I couldn't even get up for her. She was irritated but I really don't care. It's like a drug for me I guess. It's something that I want more than anything else and don't care who it affects! It's the one selfish thing I really have.

I used to work mornings for about a year but after I switched to evenings..man.. It's all over! I even go to bed at a decent hour and I still feel like sleeping all day. Man, imagine when I am retired!!! I will never get up.

I even drink coffee and it doesn't work, I can still go right back to sleep. And it doesn't matter the season. I would sleep all day and be up all night. Unless I take something good for sleep I find myself waking up at almost regular intervals and having to use the bathroom, being thirsty or hungry. Sometimes my mind races too and then I definatley can't sleep. Grrr...

I wish sometimes that I didn't have responsibilites and could just have any old schedule I wanted to. I wish I could just go and do any activities I want to.. I made my choices though and I have to livwe with them.

So if you want me to get up at a decent hour then you better make sure the house is warm, I have my coffee and a nice pair of cozy pajamas and slippers!

PinUpPaige PinUpPaige
31-35, F
Feb 15, 2009