The rules are for everyone - anyone who breaks the rules gets spanked... I get spanked and so to my children - fair is fair...
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Fair is fair but I suspect you enjoy your spankings!

How long since you've been spanked?

fairness is the way of the world

You are very correct, the rules are for everyone and you should be spanked if you break them.

You are right. Fair is are not to old to be spanked.

If I could I'd love to pull your panties down and redden your behind. Then give you a real licking

Abi, that is very true and the worse the crime the harder the punishment, I'm sure your children like you have learned this?

I LOVE this!!!

I wish I got spanked more come talk about it I don't bit

Really i liked. Its fair.

Who spanks you?

My sister mostly...

Even now?

How old is your sister?

That good thing if your bad you need spanking


Good mommy that's the wY to go