Are their any spanked Dads out their as well? Seems like their are only spanked Moms. Sometimes Parents need a good reminder as well when they act up!
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I am a spanked husband. My wife enjoys taking my pants down and putting me over her knee for a dose of her hair brush or paddle when I have misbehaved. She says it clears the air between us. If you would like to talk about spanking feel free to add me.

I like to bend over - be the one vulnerable and exposed. But Ellie isn't much into dishing it out so it's rare

i get the wooden spoon from my girlfriend when i need it

I'm a spanked dad and hubby. My wife started spanking me a lot of years ago and no full week passes without my bottom well reddened. All my spankings are disciplinary, not for pleasure, and I thanks my wife for continue my parents disciplinary task.

You are indeed fortunate you have such a wife.

I am a spanked dad. My wife has been in charge since we were dating, and we've been married for 36 years now. For those who may laugh at our roles...folks, we're still married after 36 years, something must be working right!

Sounds good to me. I wish my wife was like yours.

My wife has been putting me over her knee for 24 year's now. :)

Not in our household