I Disobeyed And Lied

We did not make it to church this morning.
I chose to make a series of mistakes.
Each one building on the other.
I am glad that I can type on my laptop while lying on my tummy because I do not want to sit again anytime soon!
Yesterday during my morning run I had badly twisted my ankle.
Last night David told me to not go for a run this morning.
I told him that I was tired of sitting around and that my ankle felt better but he told me that I was to stay off of it as much as possible and to go to the doctor as soon as possible on Monday.
When I woke this morning the swelling had gone down quite a bit.
It was still tender but I thought that I could loosen it up and push through it.
He was still asleep and I did not want to wake him.
No, that is not true.
I did not wake him because I knew what he would say.
I told myself that he would not mind me going for a walk to try and loosen it up so long as I did not run.
I was wrong.
Worse yet is that I knew that I was wrong.
The farther that I walked the more my ankle hurt.
I could not help but limp.
Just when I decided to turn around and go back home David pulled up beside me in his truck.
One look at his face told me that he was furious.
He said two words.
Get in.
He asked how my ankle was feeling.
I said that it was fine.
He told me that he had seen me limping and that I was to stop lying and to tell him the truth.
I told him that it hurt but when I woke up it had felt better and I thought that I could push through it and loosen it up more.
He did not say anything.
I was nervous and said that I had obeyed him because I did not run.
He said that I had not obeyed him because he had told me to stay off of it and asked me if I remembered him telling me that.
I said no.
I lied again!
Then he said that I had again disobeyed him because he had just told me to stop lying to him and to tell him the truth.
I started to cry and told him that I was really sorry as we pulled into our driveway.
He came around the truck opened my door and looked at my ankle.
He reached across me undid my seat belt scooped me up in his arms and carried me into the house and into our bedroom laying me down on our bed.
He gently took off my shoes and undid the ace wrap from around my ankle which was now swollen again and the little blue streaks that it had yesterday are now large blue patches.
I told him again that I was sorry and that I should have obeyed him.
He kissed me and told me to lie back down.
He went into the bathroom and came out carrying a glass of water gave me two Advil and gently applied Aspercreme to my ankle.
He told me that he was going to get an ice pack and for me to be completely undressed by the time that he got back.
Although I already knew what his answer would be I asked him why anyway.
Silly me.
I had just finished undressing when he came back in and I quickly sat down.
He came over to the bed and placed two pillows on top of each other and told me to lay over them.
I begged him not to spank me.
He said that he was going to spank me but not just yet.
He told me that I was going to lie there for a while and think about what I had done.
He said that if my ankle had not been injured that he would have put my nose in a corner!
I laid over the pillows with my bottom pointed up in the air.
I was so embarrassed!
He put a hand towel around my ankle and then put the ice packs on it.
I told him that I was cold.
He took two throw blankets which he used to cover my upper body and my legs but he left my bottom exposed!
He then went back into the bathroom and came out carrying another towel and a new bar of soap.
He told me that I was not to lie to him and told me to open my mouth.
When I did he put the bar of soap in it put the towel under my face and told me to keep it there!
It was awful!
That was over five hours ago and I still taste soap!
After about ten minutes he took the soap out of my mouth handed me my glass of water told me to rinse once and to spit into the waste basket beside my bed.
I told him that it tasted horrible.
Then he told me that if I lied to him again that he would put soap in my mouth again and if I did not like the taste that I should learn not to lie to him.
Point well noted!
Then he asked me again why I had disobeyed him and went walking.
I told him again that it had felt better and I thought that I could push through it.
He said that I had already told him that and he wanted the real reason.
I was puzzled for a moment and sure did not want to lie and have that soap put in my mouth again so I thought about it.
I told him that it was because I wanted to.
That sitting around all day yesterday drove me bonkers and I thought that if I could loosen it up and push through it that he would not make me sit around all day again today.
He asked me why I thought that he had made me stay off of it and I told him because he did not want it to get worse.
He said that was part of it but it was because he loves me knows me and wanted to protect me from myself because he knew that I would not stay off of it unless he made me.
The man had waited on me hand and foot all day yesterday and did his best to keep me comfortable and entertained!
I had been weeping off an on since we were in the truck but that made me cry!
I thanked him and told him that I was a horrible ungreatful brat!
He told me to stop saying mean things about myself and said that what I was was a disobedient wife who needed a spanking.
I did not say anything.
I just buried my face and cried.
He asked me if what he had said was true.
I said yes, it is.
He reached down and held the calf on my leg with the injured ankle and started spanking me with his other hand.
It hurt!
When he stopped and walked away I thought that it was over until I felt that horrible paddle rest on my bottom!
I told him that I was really sorry.
He said that he knew that but that he was going to paddle me for being disobedient and making my ankle worse.
He told me that if I did not obey him that he would paddle me again and again until I learned to do so.
He paddled my bottom about ten times.
I stayed still and cried all the way through it.
When it was over and I started calming down, he kissed my bottom and told me that I was to stay just like I was for one hour.
I did not argue and said yes sir.
I fell asleep and woke up to him setting up a breakfast in bed!
He had told the boys that we were not going to go to church this morning and to leave us alone to spend some time together.
I love him so much!
I told him so and thanked him for looking out for me.
Now my bottom is as tender as my ankle.
He said that he was not going to put Aspercreme on it because he wanted it to stay tender so that I will remember.
I still love him anyway!
SaraRoseRoss SaraRoseRoss
41-45, F
2 Responses Mar 17, 2013

I guess your husband is perfect and never lies, never disobeys you hey? These men make me sick. Who the hell do they think they are?! Arrogant narcissists!

Thank usooo much for ur stories...they are such an inspiration to me...i am still in square one trying to communicate with my hubby .wish u the best