This has been a crazy few weeks. I am agitated, then happy, then agitated!! We have a three day weekend coming up to finally get some much needed down time!! I have the trailer packed and ready to go. I plan to take some beads, some wine and a magazine or two. 3 day music festival here we come!!!
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Have fun.

Roger fisher is a huge disappointment!! Look up Moonfest 2014 in Washington!!


The whole event was fabulous!! Other than Roger! Roger Fisher seemed to be drugged out? Drunk? He rambled, did not play well and for sure could not sing. Sad!! Last year, he was amazing.
We ate nonstop, had our share of wine and supported the local vendors. The weather was perfect and hubby, myself and our dog came back totally refreshed.
Feeling truly blessed and happy!!!

That's excellent to hear. I had my own outrageous gig.

No full report??? Come on, details!!! I am glad it was outrageous!!!!

I'll write you.

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Hope u have an amazing and relaxing time!