I have had weeks of roller coaster emotions that caused me to be a bit cranky, short tempered, lazy!!!
A few times I was ready to BEG for a spanking. I did not do it of course. I DO remember that it hurts like crazy. Lol
I would feel better for a few days and then fall back into my funk.
Well, I am here to report that being spanked is exactly what I needed.
Last night as we were about to eat dinner hubby said... You need to clear that plant and magazine off your spanking bench. We will be using it after dinner. I did as he asked and then finished getting dinner on the table. We had dinner, talked about his day and about mine. I have to admit that no matter how much I felt that I needed the spanking, my heart was pumping a bit faster because of being nervous. Always a bit nervous before each spanking. ;-)
When we had finished eating I started to clear the table. He very kindly said he could do that while I prepared myself to be spanked. I looked over at the riding crop he had put on the bench for me to look at while we ate dinner and said ok thank you!!
Once I was ready and in position he said, You have been needing this for too long. I am going to help you change your mood.
Believe me, he certainly has not lost his touch when it comes to spanking. He got my attention right away and had me "squealing like a little girl" in no time. By the time he was done and felt that my attitude had changed enough I had absolutely reached my place of submission that he was trying to get me to. I remained quietly in position after thanking him until he told me I could rise and we were done.
Happy, grateful wife here this morning!!!!
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3 Responses Aug 28, 2014

lovely story Miss J. loved it and I am glad you have each other. Wild D

So glad you're feeling better and more yourself!! :)

Thank you so much!!!

Lovely dear.