Ich Like Gut Spelling!

Mein spelling ist gut!  I'd like to start by saying... everyone... please use 'a lot' instead of 'alot'.  Thank you!!!!

MeisterWolf MeisterWolf 18-21, M 11 Responses Nov 23, 2009

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that is a lott

Most of the time. I've slipped up a few times.<br />
<br />
Alllalotlallatalallaoatala? It annoys me A LOT! A HELL OF A LOT! LOL

So that's why you are one of the only people on here who uses proper spelling. XD

what? alot alot or just a lot? thatsalotta lots.

I don't know why, but 'alot'... annoys me a lot!

We're with you MeisterWolf...

OMG cruelty! You want to whip something bloody with a controller! LOL<br />
<br />
I think, I understand why, modern consoles use wireless controllers now!

Well I was trying too say i wanted too beat your fox with a gamecube controler! :P

Yay, progress xD<br />
<br />
Your past misspellings of a lot are forgiven! You didn't know. I cannot blame you for that!<br />
<br />
That almost sounded as if you wanted a fight lol (a melee is a physical fight sometimes)

Hi mr germanophile i will use a lot more now dint knew it was wrong D: and i will beat u in meele!!

I'm a germanophile - Obsessed with german things.<br />
I love how harsh their words sound!<br />
And I wish I were german xD