Always Different

I have always been my own distinction and doing or by others response. I have never truly known why, but the world as it is has never much fit to who I am inside. I have chosen to do or not to do more by what directs me internally than what the world seems to accept...No high school dating, although I wasn't too bad looking, but very shy. I went into marriage not under the most 'normal" of circumstances. But one thing I have always understood, that when you commit to someone, you give that person the respect of never drifting from that path of being faithful to them. There are enough conditions in the world that lead people astray but to add unfaithfulness into a marriage, to me, is wrong and an added pain and doubt that need not be there. I have never had much self confidence in as a "beautiful" person, but I have had it  in what is in side me. That is a place of unwavering faithfulness when combined with marriage. 
I have been married twice, and both men, because of their own internal voices telling them that no woman can be faithful to one man, accused me of cheating on them. I never did, but they both said it anyway. Weakness on their part, not mine.
Existing in this world of fast, temporary, shallow,...I have always had a deep faith...of just being. Placed in this world to try as hard as I can to add to peoples lives, and not take. From the giving I have received my fulfillment. I am human though, I have had weak moments. Self pity, self worth, but always the thread must matter...comes through in the end.
I will never be famous, or well to do, but my spirit and my place in this world, my giving back to this world 4 very worthwhile all the well being I need in the end..
Mistakes happen to all of us, mistakes...lessons...tricks of fate...some that come from the most well intended. From them, we must learn, and evolve, as best we can within our own terms of a life well spent.
I try to keep balanced, good and bad, happy, sad, beginning, end...being human with a more than powerful spirit.
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56-60, F
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Pray to God as you understand Him to be

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