Our physical body here on earth, are merely vessels for our sprit to work through.

I've always despised religion and the church. And I have my own definition of "god" from my own personal experiences. I never use to believe, until "god" revealed himself and spoke to me on my 21st birthday in June. I still can't believe it myself. I now have the knowledge and wisdom of the "holy spirt" sometimes I think I've completely lost my mind. Anyway that's another story, to complicated for most to comprehended.
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I do not find this odd at all. I was given a vision as a small child, then dropped right back in the soup. I have seen parts of that vision and had a life so weird it defies explanation.

The Big Religions-Churches_Temples_Mosques of today are a bit like Dow-Monsanto-Dupont filled with evil intent.

When I look at the world I see God's Word.
The books people kill each other over are fundamentally based on fear, not love as they profess to be.
They build a thousand boundaries of negative value to people.

Next time you hear someone espousing that Homosexuality is an abomination because it is in the Bible, ask them How much they think a daughter should go for on the Slave market and why fathers having sex with their daughters is illegal Clearly against God's teaching (see Exodus and Lot). then listen to how THOSE parts of the BIBLE apparently do not count!

I do not separate spiritual from physical because spiritual is physical just a very different kind, like a bus is different from sunlight.